Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Taemin Immortal Song 2 - fanaccounts and Taemin me2day 120116

Okies friends and fans you all know by now that I adore Taemin, a lot.
Truthfully I can't figure out who thought it was a good idea for him to do Immortal Song 2.
His voice has certainly grown over the years, he is quite good now but honestly,
Is he the powerhouse vocalist I would expect to appear on this show? No...
Jonghyun is considered one of the best in the business and even he lost!
Why in the world would Taemin put himself through this? Is dumbfounded....
Below are fanaccounts, most translated by jujugal one of the best.
[fanaccount #1]
-the order: Taemin-Lin-No Brain-Ali-Sonia-Lim Taekyung (yes, Taemin was the first!)
-Taemin prepared strings, brass, and harp for his stage. On the right side of the stage were a bench and a streetlight.
-Taemin said, “Hello, I’m SHINee’s makdoong-i Taemin. Ah, I feel nervous~”
-He performed seated on a chair at the center of the stage. During his performance, a woman and a man showed up by turns at the set with the bench and streetlight.
-Taemin made a slight scratching sound twice near the end. He might have felt sorry about it.
-Taemin sang with passion at the end. A feel completely different from his performance of “I’ll Do Well.”
-The arranged version is a very emotional ballad. Taemin sang it in a thicker voice. This fan likes Taemin’s “I’ll do well” more because it was sung in his tender voice.
-The legend singer’s response is the same as below.
-The MC asked Taemin whether he wasn’t nervous to be the first performer as the youngest and how it was to sing in front of Song Changsik sunbae-nim. Taemin said, he felt good because Song Changsik sunbae-nim watched him with a pleased expression, it helped him feel calm and comfortable. The MC also asked what Taemin thinks of the classic song that came out even before Taemin was born. Taemin said he liked the melody.
[Source: DC Shinee Gallery]
[fanaccount #2]
-Taemin looked not completely satisfied because of the slightly unstable part, but the fan liked his performance and was moved by it.
-People around her mostly said Taemin’s voice is very pretty and he sang well; some felt sorry about the last part, but most of people said he did well.
-Taemin looked nervous listening to the judges’ comments.
-The legend singer Song Changsik said he liked the arrangement and wants to perform with Taemin. Taemin thanked him and said he was able to perform comfortably because he kept watching him.
[Source: http://ohkr29.blog.me/80150726951; trans by jujugal]
*Taemin sang Song Changsik’s “For Once”
Source:Subbing SHINee

Anyway....Taemin's me2day selca showing fan support.
[Taemin] Immortal Song…I worked hard with all my best for my first performance today, please watch it on TV and keep cheering for me.^^;;
Source:Subbing SHINee
I'll cheer for you loudly baby because I think you're gonna need it.
Saranghae Taemin!

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  1. I'm still cringing about this. I can't imagine what anyone was thinking to put him on this show. I can see Onew going on the show but Taemin? Seems like he's just asking for ridicule...sigh. We shall see!