Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Kim Bum’s Flawless Abs

by: jbarky on Jan 10, 2012
Kim Bum has been helping out the drama he appears in (“Padam Padam”) gain attention every time he takes his shirt off! In the drama, Kim Bum plays the role of Jung Woo Sung’s guardian angel. However, this angel isn’t your typical one. He kisses other characters, beats up the main character, and is often manipulative. (My kind of angel)
The reason Kim Bum took his shirt off in that picture is to check if he still has wings, and also to destroy the minds of helpless female viewers.
Currently the drama is in its 12th episode which was broadcast on January 10. The drama is about Kang Chil (Jung Woo Sung’s character) who gains a miraculous second chance in life and is falling in love with Jina. (Played by Han Ji Min) Currently Kim Bum the guardian angel is trying hard to make the two fall in love.

Omo I really have too much to watch!
I forgot about this drama
But I am gonna watch now!!!
Cause holy hotness Kim Bum!
This is soooo different from 'Boys B4 Flowers'
or 'The Woman who still wants to Marry'!!!


  1. great review. just wanted 2 say


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  4. kim ur soooooooo..... hot