Wednesday, January 25, 2012

TEEN TOP releases practice video for “Teen Top (Intro)” & TEEN TOP’s Niel shows off his gold medal

Yesterday, TEEN TOP released the ‘rage dance version’ of their “Going Crazy” choreography. Now they’ve returned with the ‘flawed version’ of their “Teen Top (Intro)“ dance!
Just like in their previous video, the members are seen shouting and yelling as they give their all in this performance. In the middle of the video, Niel shouts, “Here we go!” before they launch into their super-fast dance break.
Check out the practice clip below!
TEEN TOP 'Teen Top(Intro)' 안무영상 옥에 티ver.

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So fierce! I don't even know where to start!
Fighting Babies!!!!

TEEN TOP’s Niel shows off his gold medal


After securing a victory at MBC’s “4th Idol Star Athletics & Swimming Championships“, TEEN TOPs Niel has shared a proud ‘proof shot’ with his gold medal!
On January 24th, Niel posted on TEEN TOP’s me2day, ”Angels, you saw right!? I won first place for you guys~ Now there is only one other first place left hahahahaha
Though a past photo of Shinhwa‘s Andy and Niel showed otherwise, Niel made Andy and the rest of his teammates proud when he cleared the bar and won first place in the men’s high jump.
Fans commented, “Congratulations on your first place win! Congrats to Ricky who got second place too!” “I’m so proud of you” and “I was cheering for you like crazy at my house.
Source: TEEN TOP’s me2day
Niel should have won the Alkaggi Championships too.....>.>
Stoopid scripted Korean was WAY to obvious they made him lose >.>

TEEN TOP releases dance practice video for 'Going Crazy' 120124

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  1. They are just such great dancer and they are just so cute too. I hate to say it but starting to get use to Neil's curly hair, lol!!! Wooo Hooo for Neil and his medal!!!!