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B.A.P. WARRIOR on MuCore 120128 & B.A.P. Showcase 120128

120128 B.A.P - Burn It Up {Debut Stage} [HD]

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120128 B.A.P - Warrior {Debut Stage} [HD]

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B.A.P successfully completes their debut showcase


The warriors of rookie idol group B.A.P have successfully completed their debut showcase.
On January 28th, new idol group B.A.P’s Himchan, Bang Yong Guk, Zelo, Jong Up, Young Jae, and Dae Hyun opened their first showcase at the Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul.
Unlike other rookie groups who begin on a smaller scale, B.A.P held their first showcase in a large scale concert-like format. The group’s great popularity was evident when more than 3,000 fans from both domestically and internationally were in attendance, bringing much interest to the group.
Following their captivating intro video, they performed “Burn It Up” off their first single album. This performance was followed by B.A.P’s “Unbreakable” with it’s strong beat and impressive vocals. Then they showed off a completely different side of themselves with their classy rapping style and emotional melody in “Secret Love“.
In addition, B.A.P’s Bang Yong Guk, Dae Hyun, and Zelo performed unit group songs which were released prior to the group’s debut including “I Remember” and “Never Give Up“. Other members prepared solo stages to bring attention to their individual talents as well.
TS Entertainment labelmate SECRET made a special appearance at the showcase as they performed their hit songs “Madonna” and “Love is Move” in hopes of B.A.P’s success.
SECRET said,
Thank you all for coming to B.A.P’s debut stage. We are so proud. We were jealous of other agencies who held family concerts. We’re happy now that we think we will have those kinds of opportunities.
After about an hour of performances, B.A.P wrapped up their showcase with their first single’s title track “Warrior“. In alignment with the song’s concept of an alien who plans to take over the world, the spaceship like stage hyped up the audience as they gave an energy-filled performance.
[TheSTAR] BAP showcase- 방용국/젤로/종업/힘찬/대현/영재 LIVE실력!

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[VOD] B.A.P 쇼케이스, 라이브+파격 퍼포먼스 '대형 신인의 등장'

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[VOD] B.A.P 방용국-대현, 훈남들의 '열정적인 환상 호흡'.

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[VOD] B.A.P 방용국-시크릿 송지은, 환상의 듀엣 '내 마음 받아줘~'.

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[VOD] B.A.P 방용국-젤로, 신나는 듀엣무대 '누나들 마음 녹네~

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