Thursday, January 12, 2012

‘Shut Up Flower Boy Band’ releases second teaser featuring INFINITE’s L

Back in December, we reported that INFINITE‘s L would be starring in a new tvN mini-series called ‘Shut up Flower Boy Band. tvN has already released a first trailer, and now they’ve followed up with a longer video.
The trailer begins with the thought, “John Lennon once said, ‘The Beatles are more famous than Jesus.’ We’re neither special nor famous — we just do want we want to do.
The video then kicks into high gear with scenes of loud rock performances at indie houses, hoodlum shenanigans, and other vignettes into a young boy’s carefree lifestyle.
Check out the trailer below!
[ENG SUB] L (INFINITE) - Shut Up Flower Boy Band

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‘Shut Up Flower Boy Band’ will air its first episode on January 30th.

Looks interesting! L sure has been busy!

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  1. well, this show look interesting and i am looking forward to seeing this.