Thursday, January 12, 2012

B.A.P’s Zelo shares a selca of the boys heading to Malaysia

by *Miso*
On January 12th, B.A.P‘s youngest member Zelo shared his first selca to celebrate his upcoming showcase in Malaysia with Bang Yong Guk.
ZELO wrote, “Going to Malaysia~ Go Go! I’m so nervous. We’ll come back safely. See you soon in KL!”.
A representative from TS Entertainment added, “It’s Bang Yong Guk and ZELO’s first time working overseas, so they are really, really nervous”.
Upon seeing the message, fans from all over the world left messages pleading for the boys to come perform at their respective countries.
Meanwhile, Bang Yong Guk and Zelo have a busy schedule waiting for them in Malaysia, as they have their fan meeting, an interview with Malaysia’s 8TV, as well as a magazine cover shoot. The boys will return to Korea on the 16th to prepare for the release of their new album on the 26th.
Source + Image: Zelo’s Twitter

Another blonde baby for me to love ^.~

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  1. ok, i havent heard of this group either, will have to look them up too, they look cute.