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Wonder Girls’ Sohee and 2AM’s Seulong are dating! Or the Soheechul Affect - JYP denies reports that Sohee and Seulong are dating

Breaking news, K-Pop fans: the Wonder GirlsSohee and 2AM‘s Seulong are dating!
As artists in the same company – JYP – the two idols had a chance to become close to each other, and for Sohee, who has a naturally shy personality, Seulong was one of the few friends she had, said an anonymous source to Dispatch, a Korean news outlet.
“Sohee is such a careful character,” said the anonymous person, who knew both members well. “Although she’s been a celebrity for a while, she can count the number of friends on one hand. She’s not the kind of person to easily reveal her feelings to anyone.”
From the pictures taken by Dispatch, the two idols can be seen together giving off a romantic vibe. The couple progressed greatly in their relationship especially after Sohee returned from her American activities, Dispatch said.
Seulong was a ‘soulmate’ for Sohee, according to the source. “Although she’s part of the world’s best girl group, she’s still a young teenager,” the source revealed. “She went through a lot in the States. Seulong was Sohee’s only friend and oppa with whom she could freely talk about her problems.”
Their meetings were coordinated in secrecy, and even their other close parties did not know about their clandestine meetings. Out of the four dates that Dispatch encountered, they were all held late at night and took place in their car.
On one date, held on January 8th when Sohee returned from Taiwan, Dispatch captured the pair snacking on rice noodles and exchanging presents.
They also met during Christmas, where they also exchanged presents and went on a Gangnam date in Seulong’s car.
A representative for JYP took a cautious stance, acknowledging that Seulong was one of Sohee’s few close friends, but refused to discuss the matter further. “The company does not know about their artists’ own private lives. Especially for emotional problems, we do not get involved. It will be hard to confirm anything about any feelings other than just friends.”
 Source: Dispatch via Nate
Source and for more pictures:allkpop

Sooooo I read this 'Breaking News' and I kinda just wanted to hide....
All I could think of was "the netizens are gonna go crazy!"
The 2nd thing I thought of was "Oh I hope the netizens don't give Sohee a bad time!"
Regardless of whether this is true or not the 'SoHeechul Affect' is probably going to kick in HARD! Heechul has declared his love for Sohee for so long that many assumed they would end up together one day despite Sohee refusing him time after time. Fans sent Heechul endless pictures of Sohee while he was in Basic training last year, which of course he promtly displayed and even showed in a Twitter Pic. Ohhh Heechul...what hath you wrought?
The only thing I can see that MIGHT, possibly prevent a bad outcome for this is for Heechul himself to make a statement......waiting.....

Last November....Kim Heechul defends Sohee’s honor from the army

JYP denies reports that Wonder Girls’ Sohee and 2AM’s Seulong are dating

A few hours ago, the Korean media reported that 2AM‘s Seulong and the Wonder GirlsSohee were dating.
Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your point of view), their management company, JYP Entertainment, has released a statement denying all rumors of a relationship between the two idols.
“Rather than dating, Sohee and Seulong are just close friends,” JYP explained. “All JYP artists are close friends.”
Big Hit Entertainment, who jointly manages the ballad group 2AM along with JYP Entertainment, also professed to having no knowledge of their relationship. “Seulong is in Japan for his 2AM schedules, and we are in the process of verifying the particulars,” they said. “We will get back [to the media] once everything is confirmed.”
Source: Star News via Nate

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