Saturday, January 28, 2012

Taemin's Immortal Song 2 performance 120128 - Updated

I was full of trepidation when I first heard that Taemin would be performing on Immortal Song 2. Don't get me wrong. I adore this boy, really I do. BUT....I'm also a realist and lets face it, he is not the vocal of SHINee. It's not that he has a bad voice by any means, but, he certainly is not the powerhouse Jonghyun is nor the "melt me into a puddle right here and now" vocalist Onew is. Quite frankly...I was scared for him. I know Taemin has worked tirelessly to improve his vocals, which couldn't have been easy considering how busy SHINee is, turns out, he has a pretty decent voice well suited for ballad or trot.
Who knew? I'm so glad! I could totally see him in a musical one day!
태민(Taemin/SHINee) - At Least Once (by Song Chang Sik)

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Taemin's talk cut...blink..blink blink...
l2Ol28 Taemin talk cut @I$2

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한번쯤 - 태민

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120116 불후의명곡 dry rehearsal

Shawols world wide show their support!
#TaeminYouAreTheBest actually reached 1st trend but here it was at 2nd place.
Saranghae my baby, well done!

Update:New Video
Okies I'm posting this video cause, well for 2 reasons, First cause I realized that though Taemin can be a hot mess off stage, when ever he takes a step on stage he changes, the game face goes on and he pours all his passion into his performance.
When Jonghyun was on IS2 EVERYONE WAS THERE! Who decided this was a good day to abandon the maknae???? Gggrrrrrrrrr >.>
Just sayin..........
120128 Taemin cut

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[eng] 120128 Taemin For Once

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[eng] 120128 Taemin Talk and Result

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  1. Wow, that was 'way better than I expected it to be - Yay Taemin, you've proved us wrong! I'm so impressed. Yeh, I'd love to see this guy in a musical one day (well, u know, at least see a clip on YouTube or somethin...^^)

  2. I'll agree to him not being the Jong powerhouse, but melt me by God, he does! *u* And since he started the SWC solos and especially since London, I haven't worried for a second :3
    And I do really love love LOVE this, but London moved me more.

    Although this moved me extra cos of all the hate and shit he (and by "he" I mean "me") has had to put up with because he got picked to be on a show that just happened to feature Jong once. SMH GET. FUCKING. OVER. IT. orz

    "though Taemin can be a hot mess off stage, when ever he takes a step on stage he changes, the game face goes on and he pours all his passion into his performance."
    You just realized NAO????? >____________>


  3. Sorry Mia, its my passion for this boy that made me scared, I guess I just didn't want to see him hurt, I get extra emotional about Taemin.
    "though Taemin can be a hot mess off stage, when ever he takes a step on stage he changes, the game face goes on and he pours all his passion into his performance."
    "You just realized NAO????? >____________>"
    No no of course not, it was meant more as a statement, I guess I worded it poorly, cause mostly by the time I wrote this update I was all pissy about no one from SHINee being there to support him.
    Maybe MrDinglePopples is right, it could be he even asked them not to be there himself. Also the show has made lots of changes since Jong was on so maybe they only allow contestants backstage now.
    Sorry again, I was letting my emotions cloud my thinking.

  4. Hi, I was watching the Result vid, he didn't win, does it mean that this is his only appearance on IS2? That this is his first and last on IS2?

  5. Hi Anon, truthfully I'm not sure but I do believe this will be Taemins only appearance. I haven't watched IS2 a lot since Jong was on the first few shows, but I know there have been lots of changes.

  6. Taemin! I was so worried but now I'm so happy! I mean, I knew his singing had gotten better but damn. He really wowed me here. I'm so proud of him.

  7. " I get extra emotional about Taemin
    lol you and me both bb :3

    And hey, no need to apologize! It's your blog for Pete's sake, you can say whatever you want :D And you know in the end we'll probably be on the same page, or close anyway ;3

    Yeah, I still don't know what's up with all that.. Maybe SM has them spread so thin with individual stuff that no one had a clear schedule for the recording? Who knows. It just looks a little weird when they're usually so big on showing off how supportive they are of each other o____o

  8. Taemin your voice is just spectacular. I mean i had to watch the video of him singing like 3 times, because it was sooo good.