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X-5 send their Lunar New Year greetings & Tall boy group X-5 has Big expectations

New ‘tall’ boy group X-5 took some time out of their busy schedule to record a special video message for their fans.
The boys dressed in colorful traditional Korean hanbok‘s in time for the traditional holiday weekend, and wished their fans a very happy and blessed Lunar New Year.
Check out the video and the translation below!
X-5 설 인사

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Gun: “Hello Everyone, we are X-5! The 2012 Lunar New Year is upon us. This is the first Lunar New Year that we’re celebrating together as X-5. How do you guys feel, starting with Zin?”
Zin: “Good… you know...”
Gun: “Yes, there are a lot of different games you can play when it’s this time of year. And Haewon?”
Haewon: “As for me, I’m really… excited. I’m curious as to what kinds of things will occur when we go to rehearsals later…
Gun: “Yes, and as for me, I’m looking forward to the food. After eating average meals, I’m excited to eat the traditional Lunar New Year food, like rice cake soup and Korean pancakes!”
Everyone: “We’re getting Korean pancakes?”
Gun: “Well… let’s hope so! Haewon here has personally offered to make us rice cake soup.”
Sulhoo: “I don’t eat it without beef.”
Zin: “Beef is the best part of the soup!”
Haewon: “Don’t eat it then!”
Gun: “Well, (laughs), we will use things like eggs and nori to make a delicious soup. What about you, Typhoon?”
Typhoon: “I miss my mom…
Gun: “Ah, yes, of course. This is the heart of a young 22 year old. And our maknae?”
Sulhoo: “I’m just glad I get to eat.”
Gun: “Yes, everyone, it’s Lunar New Year. We would like to get ‘sabae’ money and also see our parents, but our promotions are also important and we are actually going to be here practicing. There are a lot of fun things you can do with your family when you gather together for this time of year, such as ‘yut’ (a traditional Korean board game), (makes hand gestures suggesting ‘go stop’, a Korean card game), and you can even throw your shoe! (Then, really throws his shoe…).
Everyone: “Why are you throwing your shoe??”
Gun: “There is a lot that you can do with your family. You can eat, you can play… us X-5 will be sure to have a good holiday, so we hope that all of you will too. Everyone, have a blessed New Year!”

Tall boy group X-5 has Big expectations

Idol group X-5 is working hard to develop their own unique appeals.
The boys garnered a lot of attention for their dashing good looks and their tall height even before their debut, but they feel that simply isn’t enough. Different from their innocent and pure image, the boys are extremely intense and determined. The members are usually extremely playful and love to joke around, but they were quite genuine and focused for their interview with OSEN.
Every week, there is a new group that debuts on a music program. There are also a lot of boy groups that have been emerging. We are constantly on our toes (Gun).”
This seems to be their motto, and the area they are most concerned with is their performances. Because of their tall height (average height of 6’1″), their dance moves can come across as awkward but the boys are working hard to put on flawless performances for their fans. While they were still trainees, the boys rehearsed their dance routines with sand bags in their pockets in order to perfect the moves.
We have selected a lot of moves that tall people can pull off, and we are rehearsing day and night. Rain sunbaenim is also tall, but he dances really well. There is also Aoora. We are working to become unique like Rain. We know that such drastic changes won’t happen overnight, but we promise that we will work hard to develop ourselves little by little as time goes by (Typhoon).”
X-5 also has plans to debut in Japan this year. Their label mates The BOSS are doing extremely well in Japan, heightening expectations for X-5′s promotions.
We still cannot speak Japanese fluently, but we are really excited for out Japanese promotions. We already have a good fan base there. I think they like us because we are tall (laughs) (Sulhoo).”
Their most recent release “Dangerous” has been receiving high praises for the addictive melody and their eye-catching stage ensembles. The members agree that they all really like the song as well.
We wanted to try something that was powerful but still smooth and pleasant at the same time, and we think that this song encompasses all of that. We were really focused on the dance, and we modified it a number of times. It was hard to memorize as we changed it so many times, but in the end it was all worth it. That’s how our ‘glove dance’ came to be, and we also did something a little different for our ensembles. We wear long boots, something that guys don’t normally wear. We think it gives us the image of young princes? Haha (Gun).”
Their goal this year is to win a #1 K-Chart win on a music program. They are doing everything they can to make this happen.
We are also learning how to write and compose songs. We want to greet our fans as a band one day, so we are also taking up a few instruments. We also want to try our hand at acting and modeling, but right now we are mostly focused on achieving a #1 win. This year, we really want a K-Chart win! (Haewon).”
Source & Image: OSEN

Sandbags??? In their pockets? Really?
Well I guess whats important is they recognized there is a problem with their choreography and they're working on it! Yay! Looking forward to improvements from X-5

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