Friday, January 13, 2012

SHINee World Concert BTS

Okies friends and fans, a rare look behind the scenes of SHINee's first solo concert in Japan last year. What not to miss? Boys in wire harnesses! We don't usually get to see this because its under their clothes, how DO they hide those under skinny jeans?
My favorite moment? Minho under stage smiling and silly, but then he makes that jump into fierce Minho! 
[中字]SHINee 1st Concert 官方DVD 未公開彩排&後台花絮 [Behind the scenes]

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Taemin Minho Key Kim Kibum Onew Jonghyun 鐘鉉 泰民 溫流 李珍基
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SHINee World

Enjoy! ^.^

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  1. OMG, They are all just soooooo cute. I have to agree Minho being all silly, before comeing out on stage was sooo cute. I just loved the part at the end where he kissed the camera. I am going to think that he was sending that kiss to me, lol. I LOVE SHINEE!!!!!!