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Go Ara and Daniel Henney - Movie 'Papa' - Pics and Teasers

Okies babies, so I guess I am all late to THIS party.
Blame all the year end stuff, some how this movie, got buried in all my sources until today,
when Daniel tweeted this pic of himself and Go Ara onset.
Recently Go Ara spoke about the help she received from labelmates Yunho and BoA
When asked which SM Entertainment labelmate gave her the most help, she said,BoA unni came back after filming for her movie in the States, and gave me a lot of advice and some help with my English lines. Since I was set to film a scene requiring powerful dance moves, Yunho oppa would come and watch sometimes, noticing my lack in power. He told me to work harder.”
‘Papa’ hits theaters January 2012.
Korean movie “Papa” is about Chunseob (Park Yong Woo), a manager who goes to America in search of a junior manager who ran away with a singer. He then finds himself in an unexpected contract marriage which results in the birth of six children.

Go Ara plays the role of Chunseob eldest daugher, Jun, who possesses good singing ability, and becomes a star in the US. Ara said, “For about 2 months prior to filming, I practiced dance, the guitar and singing,” and “(prior to debut) I had trained with 2 members of Girls’ Generation, so that experience was useful in the filming of the movie.”
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Movie PaPa (파파)_Teaser 1

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Movie PaPa (파파)_Teaser 2

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Looks like a damn cute movie to me!!!
I wonder if it will get subbed........
SMFamily rocks!


  1. Ok, your not the only one that didnt know about this movie. It really does look really cute. I hope it gets subbed too. I would like to see this movie.