Sunday, January 1, 2012

Holiday Hook-UP! Flower Boy Generation with SHINee and Super Junior!

Hello babies! Hung over today?
Well as the saying goes, "Laughter is the Best Medicine!" ^.~
I have another lovely Hook-UP! for you today featuring both SHINee AND Super Junior!
Hows THAT for an awesome Hook-UP!?
You're Welcome ~.~
Flower Boy Generation is another of those shows that just didn't last too long,
after years of watching Korean Variety I have to say it was probably due to formatting, or something like that. It certainly wasn't for lack of high profile guests! Everyone from 2PM to SNSD had a turn. Some how it just never jelled.
I loved it because of the volatile and abrasive nature of the older MC's trying to 'trick' or 'dig out the dirt' of members private lives. Due to that we often got to see true reaction and surprise answers!
Part 1. shows that Onew always had a penchant for MC'ing and all the older MC's know it! Don't miss early Jongkey moments!

Part 2. Sungmin and Key! now there's a combo not to miss. Kangin and Key??? 
Really? Donghae once scolded Jonghyun? o.O

Part 3. Couples! Donghae seducing SHINee ^^
Sungmin and a pink guitar?....of course *nod nod*wink wink*

Part 4. Tools are...useful.

Part 5. Balls! I mean Billiards! and food! Awww hungry idols.

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There! I bet you feel better now! Right?

Please enjoy a lot! 
Remember these shows get taken down a lot so watch while you can!


  1. Hi Jennifer! So glad you enjoy Holiday Hook-UP!
    It's really one of my favorite corners here on MMR!
    Stormy ^.^