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[Hallyu Wave]The Hallyu Wave breaks over the Zenith – 2011.06.09

The Hallyu Wave breaks over the Zenith – 2011.06.09
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SHINee, one of the boys group that will perform Thursday and Friday *mistake, should be Friday and Saturday* at the Zénith, is sold out. The tickets were sold out in less than 15 minutes!
Phenomenon in Seoul, these “boys” and “girls bands” are creating waves among French teens. They will sing for the first time in Paris.
After having conquered Asia, the Kpop wave targets Europe. And Paris is the head start for the new Korean pop star singers. Thursday and Friday night *made a mistake, should be Friday and Saturday*, the most popular “boys” and “girls groups” of South Korea will take over the stage at the Zénith for two concerts on the Old World. Success is guaranteed since the tickets were sold out in less than 15 minutes! As far as to create a manifestation out of the norm in front of the Louvre Pyramid, last 2 May: hundreds of fans had waved their banners to call for another concert date in front of stunned tourists. A mobilization which made the front cover of the Korean newspaper and which convinced the organizer, the almighty agency SM Entertainment, to add a new date.
“The girls are so excited to perform in Paris! It is a romantic city by far”, gushed Eun-a Km, the representative of the agency of the most powerful show-business in Asia. These girls, are the Girls Generation, the highlight of the show at the Zénith, the group that dominates the chart in all the Far East: nine dolls barely 20 years old with infinite long legs and in mini-mini skirts whose precise hip swaying had already had Japan, China and Thailand on their knees.
The security service at Roissy has already provided an impressive mechanism to counteract uncontrollable fans in the arrival hallway.
On stage, the girls will be accompanied by SHINee, TVXQ! And Super Junior, three boys groups with androgynous look which have been creating havoc among the French teens. Scouted sometimes as from primary school, these baby stars follow a Spartan training and can do everything: sing, dance on complex rhythms as well as participate in dramas or tv commercials, one of the main source of revenue of the Korean show-biz.
“The enthusiasm in Europe surprises us”
Since five years, Hallyu, the “Korean Wave”, take everything in its path in Asia as far as to eclipse the Japanese Pop thanks to an implacable mix: sounds and choreography borrowed from the West and adapted to the taste of the Asian audience to offer a show of flawless execution. A global product that has seduced since two years more and more young French, who have discovered the K-pop generally through the manga culture before leaping from Japan to Korea.
“It is a mix of familiar sounds, with an exotic touch that makes the difference”, explains Maxime Pacquet, a fan of 31 years old. This IT technician is the president of the Korean Connection Association which estimate to 100, 000 number of fans in France. A trend that spreads through YouTube and the online social networking websites such as Facebook where there are communities of fans who exchange the latest videos and organized K-pop dance classes. “The enthusiasm in Europe surprises us. But Asia remains our priority”, says Eun-a-Kim. And eventually: in September, Girls Generation will be in Tokyo for a concert in front of 100, 000 persons! Europe will have to be very patient before seeing their idols in miniskirts again.

Source: Le Figaro, Written: Sébastien Falletti

English Translation/Credit: kiana78 @ SHINee Soompi Thread


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