Saturday, June 18, 2011

[SHINee pictures] SHINee rehearsal pictures London, Sooo intense!

SHINee rehearsal pictures London, Sooo intense!
First up is my lovely diva Key!
Jonghyun is apparently impressing everyone with his voice, looking impressive too!
So intense Taemin! My beautiful boy....
Okay Minho gets to be intense too...intense and cute!
And of course our leadershi Onew.
SHINee Fighting! Work hard!
Everyone ready for tomorrow? I can't wait!
Enjoy! ^.^


  1. Ok, I so wish I was in London right now, so I could see Shinee live!!!!

  2. I read it was only for Japanese fans but we could've stalked them outside like we did Rain... lol

  3. @Diva One of the best days of my life! Seeing Rain live and in person! ^.^