Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ohhh here we go again. Jungmo better make some trax-Dream Team

Ohhh here we go again. Jungmo better make some trax, the netizens are getting restless and not too many are liking this JungTae +Minho triangle...bromance...thingy...goin on.
Honestly I really tried to ignore the whole thing because, well because I just got too upset at the last Idol Sports Show when this whole thing between Taemin and Jungmo was caught on vid.
 Not MY macro, but if I had thought of it, I woulda made it myself >.< I was not the only one...just sayin
However, there are just too many videos floating around and a menacing growl is coming from the netizens. A few are getting nasty.

Now I am not trying to say Taemin is all innocent here, cause well, he's not.
Poor Minho keeps trying to stay close, he's even looking pretty miserable from time to time, almost every time Jungmo hugs Taemin, Minho shows up. And Minho's NOT talking to Jungmo.

*I'm not gonna get upset-I'm not gonna get upset-I'm not gonna get upset*
*BIG sigh*
Amyway, here is a vid of Taemin's obstacle course run.

And one of Minho's runs

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