Wednesday, June 29, 2011

[Updated with new 2min]Ohhh How I miss this Taemin or All babies grow up

So I was browsing through some Taemin tumblers tonight and came across this Lucifer video and once again my heart just melts. I am amazed that after soooo many comments about his long hair that he decided to cut it so short. I am of course  getting use to it and think he looks hotter than ever.
But ohhh how I miss Lucifer Taemin...

That lil pony bobbing around just is too cute! >.<

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I know he is the hotness now as a young man, and he has really grown up a lot this past year, but oh how I miss him looking like that.
Aigooo all babies grow up.

 Enjoy! ^.^

P.S. AND I miss 2Min so caught up, they don't even realize....

Thanks to my chingu Diba for finding this touching 2min pic.


  1. Well, Storm I totally agree with you I miss the baby taemin, but the grow up taemin is still just as cute. He might have changed his hair(which looks really hot on him by the way)taemin seems to still act a little like the baby taemin,lol!! I mean I wish he was still the baby taemin, but the grown up taemin is really really looking good!!!! P.S. I miss the longer hair too!!!!

  2. Except for maybe his audition video I've never seen the baby that everyone else do/did/does so I never feel sad about him growing up. Actually on the contrary.
    Now that he'll be 18 in a heartbeat maybe people will stop looking at me like I'm some crazy woman for wanting to jump his bones. Apparently a date can make a lot of things acceptable. I suspect it's only in what people think you can say out loud because I don't think he will act or look that much different in a month ;)

    But oh, how I do miss that hair ♥

    And yes!! 2min!! lol All my good fic writers have writer's block these days because of the lack of 2min action! :D

  3. Awww... I love his hair in that rehearsal vid, but you know I really love his new hairstyle. We all know he got his nose done but did he also do something to his lips, or is it just me??

    Anyway, I swear I saw a recent 2min pic that left me w/ my mouth open and thinking they didn't realize they were doing that, but I can't remember where it was...darn.

  4. @daisey, you are right of course, he IS still very cute.
    @Mia LOL! Taemin's birthday is 2 days after mine and Heechul's is 4 days before mine...weird eh?
    @Diba yeah I kinda noticed the lips too, maybe he is wearing that lip swelling lipstick these days? kekekekkeke btw, thanks so much for locating that new 2min pic.....its so sweet!