Saturday, June 11, 2011

I got your RED HOT NEW Jongkey right here! SHINee in Paris! 110611

I had one wish for Kim Kibum in Paris, that he relax and have the time of his life there, and if the pics are any indication, he is!
Including some red hot Jongkey time too!
They'll always have Paris ^.^
Extra points if you get the reference ^.~
So during 'Stand by me' (better known as Jongkey's love song),
Jonghyun can be seen glancing over at and nodding at Key.
Then they walk over toward each other and begin to claps hands.
Love gazes.
Letting go...
Happy Ending
So much JongKey love ^.^
Here is the video, though I warn you, the fan screams are ear splitting,
especially when JongKey holds hands.


Enjoy like crazy! ^.^

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  1. Ok, I am just loving jongkey. I missed seeing them being together. This was the cutes thing I saw today,lol.