Thursday, June 9, 2011

I got your new Jongkey right here! SHINee in Paris!

JongKey-They'll always have Paris...
It looks like SHINee is having an awesome time in Paris!
I'm so glad they have time to relax and to do some sight seeing.
Its not all fun and games, there was a RDD rehearsal. 
Dino Twins! Jonghyun and Amber!
Sweet Minho
 Key and Starbucks in Paris!
And finally a romantic vision with the Eiffel Tower, Diva Key
Can I just say how much I am enjoying all the real time uploads from SME? Some one did a really good thing here. These pics are just moments old as of this post. Enjoy! ^.^


  1. ok, I am loving all the pics, but the last one with Key is just killer. Key, I am so loving you right now!!!!!

  2. @dasiey, I am just so in love with Key right now too, that boy just grabs my heart and hangs on tight. I am sooooo happy he is in Paris where he can REALLY be himself! I have seen him marking his territory in other pics I will be posting soon. Everyone really loves that pic of Key, I have seen it posted in a lot of my portal sites too. Saranghae Key!