Monday, June 13, 2011

[Commentary]"The day where Asian music becomes worldwide isn’t far off from now.” Ya Think?

Teddy Riley "The day where Asian music becomes worldwide isn’t far off from now.”
Ya think?, ok I am willing to bet that Lee Soo Man has a pretty good handle on things, I think their using FaceBook this past weekend to share 'real time' from Paris was a bit of genius and certainly shows that someone at SME is paying attention to whats going on in the global fandom of Kpop. Personally I was into Jpop first, but once I saw my very first Kdrama and Kpop videos? I was hooked...line and sinker.
Several times I have been very upset about statements made by idols and Management companies thanking ONLY their Korean fans for supporting them, this real life incident came to my mind instantly...Bi Rain was coming to NYC for the Time Gala for wining 'Most Influential' my daughter was sitting on the floor with tears in her eyes "MOM! we HAVE to go! We may NEVER get to see Rain again in our lifetimes!" Now, I am disabled, its not an easy thing for me to make this trip, though Rain is one of my TOP Idols, but how could I look at my daughter like that and say no? I couldn't...and so we indeed made the trip by car, and then train into NYC to see him. The time we actually saw him was brief, but she screamed along with everyone else (I did too) and it was so worth it. Everyone including Rain himself thanked his Asian fans......I wish he could have seen my 24 year old daughter with tears in her eyes pleading with me. Is SHE not a fan? Am I not a fan? Do I have to be Asian (btw, we ARE part Asian) to be counted? I was really hurt. Aisssshhhhhh! I voted for him too! My daughter was interviewed by Korean TV (YTN) news that was shown all over Korea from Rain's Time event. (And yes she was influenced by myself, through exposure to Kpop, she was also into all things Japanese prior to this) I even run my own "Blog spot" site dedicated to global music, though it is decidedly Korean in influence.
In my opinion, Korean Music Management as a whole needs to sit up and take notice that there just might be more of us than they really realize and that we are just as big fans as are the Korean fans, and that we have money to spend.
There! does THAT get your attention? Just sayin.....

Credit:YTN News
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  1. I have no words right now, I just love what you wrote!!!!

  2. ^5 Stormy! So, so true!