Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Super Junior M - Henry Lau is Frustrated with Twitter

Henry!!!!! squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!
Henry is so freakin cute!!! I just wanna bite him >.<

Henry Lau is Frustrated with Twitter

by: singer on Jun 21, 2011
Super Junior M's Henry Lau is fed up...in a good way. The singer tweeted his current frustration with one of the most popular social networking sites online, Twitter. He may have laughed off his annoyance with the confusion between videos and images, but not before he tweeted. 
Here is his complaint below:
"Dun u hate it when u think ur takin a pic but its actually a vid?! Rofl"
No, Henry. I can't say that I have. In other news, his previous tweets were self motivating and 100% Go Henry! Read the following messages below:
"jus gotta keep remindin myself...all about the music and nothing else...can't get caught up! keep it real!...ima try my best to make some real stuff ud all listen to...regardless of the artist. hope everyones doin well! LATA~!!!!!"
When was the last time you tweeted your frustration with Twitter, or given yourself a tweet on the back?
Credit: @henrylau89

Enjoy! ^.^

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