Thursday, June 16, 2011

SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR in PARIS. 4 Videos you really need to see

I stumbled upon these videos today and I am so glad that I did, awesome coverage from beginning to end! No subs (there is quite a bit of english sprinkled through out) but I will try to walk you through and hit a few highlights.
This first video shows the airport arrival of the SMT Live idols and I just love Key's face (4:30 time mark) when he walks through the doors. Such a look of shock, and we know how Key can't hide a thing, he always shows his emotions.
Question, Do the idols really not know that they are so popular world wide? How could they possible not know? My mom thinks SMEntertainment might be keeping them all in the dark. What do you think?
There is more english spoken than I imagined in the press conference. Look at that News Studio! Futuristic even!

Not even rain (no not THAT Rain >.<)could dampen the spirit of these fierce fans! Wouldn't have stopped me either. Awwww sad fans are sad. I bet they could have done 2 more shows easily! Fan Boys! Lots of fan boys! ^.^
Victoria! Fighting!!! Amber! *squeeeeeeee* Watch everyone back stage! Heechul! Watch him put on some attitude and become Lady Hee Hee, some cool shades complete the transformation! Lee Teuk is an awesome stand in for Donghae in 'Single Ladies'

Back to the contemporary News Studio and then on to artists who have influenced Kpop. Did you see the flash mob in front of the Louve'? See it here! Oh these lucky fans! They sang, they danced and they cried and had the time of their lives!!!

Thanks to eNEWS and for all the videos!
BTW if you have HD watch the 720 version.

Picture credit eNews.
Capped by StormofStarzZ2
Enjoy! ^.^

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    LOL That guy in the black and red was FIERCE! :D
    And except for Jong's short (NPI!) comment there couldn't have been less SHINee, but still fun to see all the backstage footage :)

    Thanks for sharing!