Saturday, June 25, 2011

[Breaking News/Shinee Interview/Images] SHINee pictures and video from the MTV VMAJ!!!

I just adore modern Tech, cause I got to see my SHINee boys Live! On
Wanna see some pics? Of COURSE you do! kekeke
Here ya goooo!!!!
Here is the video Interview, Tarminnie speaks Japanese! Kawaii!!!!!!!

SHINee on the Red Carpet


Now for some pics! Click to see big and back to return to MMR!
Don't miss the 'Lady GaGa' pin on Key's jacket!
[HQ PICT] SHINee at Red carpet for VMAJ. cr: as tagged on Twitpic
Jonghyuuuunnn! You're seriously CUTEE with that expressi... on Twitpic
This is the Onew's smile! He always smiling no matter wh... on Twitpic
Taemin sooo kawaiiiiii!!!!
Taemin confused face when he speak Japanese! LOOOOL on Twitpic
I also saw Tokio Hotel!!! My first ever beautiful boy *blush*

This is the pretty boy who started my love of International Music for me. I will always hold a special place in my heart for him.
waaahhhh He sang Monsoon! Such an old song but one of my favs!

Omo having so much fun!!! But I need to make more coffee, a small hazelnut Dunkin Donuts is NOT enough kekekeke
Enjoy a lot! I will update too

 Old Tokio Hotel pic
Omo!!! SHINee JUST performed!!! They looked sooooooo good!
Keeeeeeeeeyyyy!!!! Saranghae BB!!!!!!

I love Taemin's ring!! keeke~ He's so colorful today!! on Twitpic

Our boys on stage VMAJ just now ~^^ aigoooooooo!!! on Twitpic
Taemin's muscle arm ~^^ so white and skinnyyyy *____* on Twitpic

Clear Jonghyun at stage~ OMG >.< so handsomeeeee ~^^ on Twitpic
MTV VMAJ!!! �기� �본�� � 첫무�! 그리고 � 3주� � 첫무���� � �� �고 ��기�� ... on Twitpic
Super clear Taemin at VMAJ stage!!! this is cute or handsome?... on TwitpicOnew ZOOOM at VMAJ ~^^ Handsome muchhh? keke ~ on Twitpic
Clear Key at VMAJ stage ~^^ I know you're so Happy now, ... on Twitpic
Jonghyun at the end of VMAJ!!! Dieeeee *____* on Twitpic

Did you notice Key's GaGa shirt?
I can't believe I got to watch the whole thing live!!!!
Thank You Soshified!!! And many thanks to @SHINeeSquad-SHINee's Army for posting all the awesome pics!
Time for this Shawol to get some sleep ~.~

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