Monday, June 13, 2011

Infinite to replace MBLAQ on Mnet’s “Sesame Player 2″

Yata!!! I loved Sesame Player with MBLAQ! Really cute show.

Infinite to replace MBLAQ on Mnet’s “Sesame Player 2″

With the completion of MBLAQ’s appearance on Mnet’s reality show “Sesame Player”, a teaser was revealed introducing the new idol group that would be the focus for the second season.
It turned out to be none other than Infinite! In the teaser video that was recently uploaded, the boys’ backs are faced towards the camera as bubbles pop up asking, “Do you know Infinite? Is there someone who does?” suggesting that they’re going to appear on the show to bring more awareness about them to the general public. The first episode will air in Korea on June 22nd at 5PM.
Previously, the show involved private clips recorded of the MBLAQ members doing various activities, as well as a segment where they played games and a corner called “Refreshing Interview” where they took turns answering questions in a bathroom. Although it is sad that MBLAQ is done recording for this program, Infinite would surely make a humorous and enjoyable second season so please look forward to it!
Thanks to everyone who sent this in. Here’s the short teaser:

Source: Mnet via Daum


  1. Wow, this is quite exciting, I love Mblaq, but Infinite, I think there so cute. Storm, is this show on yt?

  2. MBLAQ finished their show last week, Infinite's show is scheduled to air in Korea on June 22nd.