Saturday, June 4, 2011

Music Music Music! MuCore-MTV-Beast-FT ISLAND-B1A4-Boyfriend-Block B

Its ALL about the MUSIC!
From MTV-The Show
Block B-wanna b wanna b wanna BBBB!

B1A4-OK-soooo kawaii ^.^

From MuCore
Music Core was held outdoors at Caribbean Bay, awesome!
Not a sweet feel good song but oh so good!

FT Island-Hello Hello-awwww Hongki cut his hair, but, his voice rocks my world!

Boyfriend-Boyfriend-Gotta LOVE the twins Youngmin & Kwangmin

0:06 Youngmin
0:15 Jeongmin
0:26 Donghyun (Leader)
0:31 Hyunseong
1:17 Kwangmin
1:21 Minwoo (Maknae)
Youngmin & Kwangmin are twins
B1A4-OK-STILL kawaii ^.^

MC cuts, check them cause Minho and Onew came back from Japan just to MC

Credit: CrazyCarrot270 for all the MuCore videos.
Watch quick and enjoy! ^.^

1 comment:

  1. Block b, I am still getting use to them. I mean , I think that they still need practice.
    B1A4 all I can say is they are soooooo cute. I love the song and the dancing. They are just a well put together idol group. Wow, two performance of this group. I am so happy, they look cute in pink too.
    Beast song is good and they are good performers too.
    Totally love seeing Minho and Owen. Minho look so cute with his suspenders on too.
    Ok, I will say this, I only like FT Island is because of Hongki. He has am amazing voice, but there music is just not my cup of tea. I will continue to support them though, Fighting Hongki Fighting!!!!
    Ok, Boyfriend is just a cute group. I am loving the fact that there are twins are in the group and they are adorable and the rest of the group is adorable too. I love the dance to this song and I just love the song. Going to get it on itunes right away. I loved there outfits too, so cute.