Thursday, June 2, 2011

Bits and Pieces-Odds and Ends-Big Bang-MBLAQ-Boyfriend

Bits and Pieces-Odds and Ends
Just some little bits to catch up on in Kpop news.
I have been hesitant to report on Big Bang's Daesung' recent unfortunate car accident until the autopsy report is final, but, I was so glad to hear that G Dragon kept his schedule despite management saying all their schedules were canceled.
Fighting Big Bang and Daesungie! Condolences to friends and family of the deceased.

G-Dragon Films Infinity Challenge, and Joins MT Amidst Daesung Controversy

by: jbarky on Jun 2, 2011 
Big Bang’s leader G-Dragon showed up for the filming of “Infinity Challenge.” Despite the current controversy regarding Daesung and his accident, this shows that Big Bang is still resolute. On June 2nd G-Dragon showed himself for the filming that took place at MBC’s Dream Center. This show was for “Infinity Challenge – West Coast Highroad Pop Show.”
G-Dragon appeared on the show with his partner Park Myung Soo. For this day G-Dragon wore a summer outfit that consisted of a white t-shirt and jeans, he was wearing a hat with sunglasses.
The “Infinity Challenge” team on this day (June 2nd) left for an MT (Member Training), a type of “get together” for Kang Hwa Island. G-Dragon was reported to have left for the MT as well. Psy who was available for the show, did not join the MT.
Source: TV Report

Boyfriends performance on M! Countdown

Starship also released a vid of Boyfriend rehearsal.


Boyfriend’s Kwang Min, Goes to the Hospital for Finger Injury + Ligament Rupture

by: jbarky on Jun 2, 2011 
Kwang Min who is a twin with Young Min on the group “Boyfriend” hurt his finger and ruptured a ligament. According to Boyfriend’s agency Starship Entertainment, “Kwang Min jammed his thumb during a performance rehearsal a week ago.
The hospital gave him a diagnosis that he had ruptured his ligament in his hand. On June 2nd, however, he will still appear on Mnet “M! Countdown” even with the injury since it will be Boyfriend’s second performance. In order to show a good performance, before the actual filming of "M! Countdown," Kwang Min stopped by the hospital.
Boyfriend is an idol group made up of six members: Hyun Seong, Min Woo, Kwang Min, Young Min, Dong Hyun and Jeong Min. Their debut song was “Boyfriend.”
Source: Star News
Awesome episode of Sesame Player from MBLAQ! Check it! soooo much Sushi >.<.
Links to parts 2 and 3
Part 3

Okies friends and fans, thats it for today!
Enjoy! ^.^

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