Monday, June 20, 2011

[SHINee News]Dance version of SHINee’s Japanese ‘Replay’ revealed.

Dance version of SHINee’s Japanese ‘Replay’ revealed!

A few weeks ago SHINee released their full music video featuring SNSD’s YoonA for their Japanese track ‘Replay‘, and now a full dance version video without the narrative story line has been released.
Is it good enough for a Replay? Find out by checking out the video below!

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  1. Ok, first off this is like my fav song by them and I love it no matter what, but I was a little bored with the video. I mean there wasn't even a change of clother through out the viedo. I mean the backround was a little boring too. I just wanted a little more. Don't get me wrong though they all looked so cute but grown up. There dancing is so mature now, but still playful. I loved there outfits even though there wasnt a change in the outfits thoughout the song aand there sneakers were just great. I guess I was just hoping for a little bit more color from them, because they are always so colorful. Well, anyway Shinee I love the song and ofcouse I love you guys. Keep up the goodwork. Fighting Shinee Fighting!!!!