Saturday, June 4, 2011

When Jonghyun cries......Minho and Key run to him-SHINee back stage at Immortal Song 2

So... how can I write a whole post just because Jonghyun cries? Because its SHINee! THATS why....Oh I have been sooooo freakin annoyed at people saying that SHINee is not close, that all the members just consider SHINee as a business arrangement, they never see each other except to film. BULL!!!!!
I dare ANYONE to watch this video and think that. We all know that in their new dorm Minho and Jjong sleep in one room while Onew, Key and Taemin sleep in the other, so I guess Minho would know that poor Jonghyun was sleepless the night before this was recorded.
And I guess because they are so close, Minho and Key run to find Jjong, cause they KNOW he will be in tears. There is so much love and support for each other in this group that its amazing to watch them, yes, even when they cry.
And I will say this again, Its a testament to what a good leader Onew is, to know the strengths of each member, and to let them play their roles to help each other as needed. Damnnnn I just love SHINee!
I just adore Minho stepping up and not being afraid to take charge of the situation.
SHINee just rocks my whole freakin music world!

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Update 110605
Found this awesome rehearsal video, how hard Jonghyun worked ~.~



  1. AWWWWWWW, ok, i need to watch the whole show now, because just hearing him cry made me cry. I need to understand what happen. I just love Shinee and i hate to see them upset :(

  2. Awwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!! Nooooo! I read he lost to IU but I didn't even think about how it would affect him. Poor pookster!!
    Btw, who says that about Shinee? You can see how they are with each other that they're friends. They might not hang out every second of every day but still. Look at Onew's face when Jjong got voted off. That is genuine horror and dismay right there.
    Minho is such a take charge guy. Awww... Key looked like he didn't know exactly what to do, poor thing. Sigh. U know I <3 them so, so now I'm saddened.

  3. no.. he didn't cry because he lost to iu. he even hugged her when she won. he cried because he WON over yesung. i dunno if he cried because of happiness or sadness because of how cruel they showed yesung he lost. many complained that the way they did that was cruel. or maybe he was just relieved? i dunno.

    w8... they don't share the same room? i thought the 5 of them share only one room?

  4. Hi Seohyun, Yes in that round he did win over Yesung, personally I think he was crying cause he was exhausted. He's such an emotional puppy.
    Last year the boys moved into a new dorm and now Jjong and Minho are in one bedroom, and Onew, Key and Taemin sleep in the other bedroom.