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48 hours and catching up! Only the Best of the Best headlines and news.

How can there be so much news in only 48 hours? And why does it have to happen when I'm fighting an ear infection? Doesn't this always seem to happen? Okies lets go!!!
Ahhh Sukkie...I have so neglected you recently, but Im here to catch up on a few things. I miss Marry me Mary! "Merry Christmas!!! "mung mung"

Jang Geun Suk will soon reach his 20th year since debut
by ektha16 on January 30, 2011 at 9:08 pm

Jang Geun Suk recently revealed that next year will be his 20th year since his debut!

During an interview with MBC’s “Section TV Entertainment Report” Jang Geun Suk surprised actress Kim Ok Bin and the reporter by saying, “2012 will be my 20th year of debut.”

He then placidly stated, “I’m thinking of doing a dinner show.” Upon hearing this, the reporter answered, “I am definitely going to go there and interview you!”

Born in 1987, Jang Geun Suk first debuted when he was 5 years old as an catalog model. In 1997, Jang Geun Suk kicked off his acting career as a child actor in a drama.

The actor showed off some of his photos from back in the day for the TV show, eliciting an awed response from the interviewer.

Source: Money Today via Star News

Jang Geun Suk & Kim Ok Bin for “Codes Combine Hiker”
by VITALSIGN on January 30, 2011 at 9:13 pm
Actor Jang Geun Suk was chosen by Codes Combine Hiker as their representative style icon right alongside actress Kim Ok Bin.

The actor’s been showing off a wide array of different and unique fashion styles through his role in KBS 2TV’s “Mary Stayed Out All Night,” which Haiker felt best suited their image.

The two models will be featured in two different concepts titled “Outdoor Hiker” and “Barren Hiker“. Jang Geun Suk will be leading “Outdoor,” while Kim Ok Bin will be heading “Barren” with a reinterpreted ‘city life’ concept.

The full promotional photos will be unveiled next month
Source: Newsen via Nate

Check out the full article on allkpop for more pics

Thanks to my friend Diba for finding this great video of Sukkie, an interview from MBC Section TV. He is soooooo cute! ^.^


Best of the Best: My brand spankin new baby blippers Teen Top are making a splash too with the announcement of their Japan debut! Wait.....they only just debuted themselves 6 months ago! Aigooo!!! Fighting Babies! ^.^

TEEN TOP makes plans for Japan debut only six months after Korean debut
by VITALWARNING on January 30, 2011 at 10:04 pm
It was recently announced that idol group TEEN TOP will make their advancement into Japan after only six months into their debut.

“TEEN TOP have been receiving endless love calls from Japanese associates and have recently been active in promotions in both Korea and Japan. TEEN TOP will officially attend events and begin pre-promotions and broadcast appearances as of early February,” stated TOP Media.

They continued, “As we’ve been receiving an overflowing amount of love calls from Japan only six months into TEEN TOP’s debut, we have decided to promote in both countries simultaneously. We have begun counting down for the group’s official Japanese debut with major record labels and distributors.”

Source: Asia Economy via Daum Media

J.Tune Camp responds to Andrea Bucaram’s alleged plagiarism of MBLAQ’s “Oh Yeah”
by VITALWARNING on January 30, 2011 at 11:42 pm
Following up on the alleged plagiarism done by Ecuadorian singer Andrea Bucaram of MBLAQ’s debut track, “Oh Yeah”, J.Tune Camp recently came out with a strong response indicating they will take heavy legal measures if plagiarism was indeed involved.

“We are currently looking into the details of the fans’ inquiries about Ecuadorian singer Andrea Bucaram’s song being very similar to that of MBLAQ’s “Oh Yeah,” confirmed J.Tune Camp on January 31st.

They continued, “We checked the video that was uploaded onto YouTube, and we have concluded that the melody and even the dance choreography have a close resemblance to “Oh Yeah”. We are currently trying to find out whether she simply did a cover of “Oh Yeah” on broadcast, or if the song is actually circulating as an official track.”

Source: Seoul Newspaper via Daum Media

Super Junior’s Leeteuk goes to the hospital for a check-up
by ramham424 on January 31, 2011 at 9:33 am
Super Junior’s leader, Leeteuk, who was involved in a car accident in Singapore, has returned to Korea and was examined for possible injuries in a hospital.

On January 31st, SM Entertainment stated through Money Today Star News, “Leeteuk has returned from Singapore to Seoul with other members early this morning. Shortly after arriving, he went to the hospital to get checked up for possible injuries, and to get related physical examinations.”

They also stated, “Fortunately, it was confirmed after tests that Leeteuk was not hurt, but doctors said it would be better for him to take a break.” They added, “Heechul, who was also involved in the crash, is going to the hospital tomorrow for his turn (February 1st), but this may be rescheduled depending on his schedule“.

Source: Star News via Nate

Well there you have it friends and fans, Only the Best of the Best from the last 48 hours.....Hmmmm still thinking about this as a new corner...forgive my "growing pains" for though MMR was born on another site and I reported there for a while, this Official My Music Radar! has only been growing for a little over a month. Still working out some of the Pings and Blips ^.^

Super Junior in one of the best video interviews ever! Best of the Best......

Best of the Best as a weekday theme? Or perhaps a new any rate enjoy this Super Junior Video Interview by Xin MSN, truly one of the best interviews ever by my Super (Junior) Men ^.^

First up Teukie talks about plans for Suju in 2011, the release of their 5th album and Super Show 4! Squeeeeeee!!!!

<a href="" target="_new" title="Super Junior tells us what they think of Singapore ELFS!">Video: Super Junior tells us what they think of Singapore ELFS!</a>

In this part, Teukie and Chulie are asked about their recent car accident which had some of us ELF's scared to death due to the very serious accident the group endured back in 2007. Chulie "As long as my fans are fine, I am fine" Princess this is why I love you so much my "Cinderfella" ^.^

<a href="" target="_new" title="Super Junior tells us what they think of Singapore ELFS!">Video: Super Junior tells us what they think of Singapore ELFS!</a>

Whats really funny in this part and NOT translated (no clue why) is that when asked who has changed the least, several members point at Sungmin and someone (I couldn't catch who) even call him a vampire *chuckles darkly*
And though Teukie initially hands the mic to Heechul after being asked about weird habits....all Chulie can do is look embarrassed and laugh, whats up with that Chulie? I can only imagine......kekekekekkeke
When asked about the "Cooking Cooking" song and why they choose certain veggies to be, "Chulie is a Chili Pepper....a lot like him Spicey and Hot tempered" Ya think? LMAO! perfectly describes THIS Diva ^.~

<a href="" target="_new" title="Yesung of Super Junior reveals his weird habit!">Video: Yesung of Super Junior reveals his weird habit!</a>

Oh how much do I love this part? Chulie is asked about Lady HeeHee and states "I'm a genius!" Reported as one of the funniest segments of Super Show 3!

<a href="" target="_new" title="Yesung of Super Junior reveals his weird habit!">Video: Yesung of Super Junior reveals his weird habit!</a>

I hope you have enjoyed this interview as much as I have, I laughed so much!
Saranghae my Super men!!! ^.^

Infinite dreams...of a new dorm and wine colored hair? 10Asia interview reveals the rest of their dreams

Friends and Fans, you all know that here on My Music Radar! I try to really only bring you the best of the best, and looks like my newest pinggers Infinite are fitting that bill nicely. Though they seem to still be under that unfortunate time of "Do well or go home" part of every idols life, they are meeting it with courage and hard work. Having just debuted about 7 months ago, they really are making quite the splash already. Enjoy this interview from allkpop done by 10asia where a lot is revealed about my newest pingger boys ^.^
Guess I am an "Inspirit" now...wonder just how many fanclubs I can join.......
Infinite's Debut song Come Back Again


INFINITE on promotional preparations, “We Got Married” couples, and future goals


Reporters of 10asia met with the seven boys of INFINITE for a fun interview in celebration of their “Before the Dawn” comeback.  Check it out below!
Q. “You had a recording for MBC’s ‘Idol Star Athletics’ yesterday.  How’d you do?”
Sung Jong:  “We failed.  Hoya-hyung could’ve done well but he was eliminated in the preliminaries.”
Hoya: “The person next to me fell, which made me to fall too.”
Sung Jong: “But we still wanted to get screen time, so we stayed behind to support everyone.”
Q.“The recording didn’t finish until early morning.  What’s your schedule like after this interview?”
All: “Rehearsal.”
Q. “Were you able to rest a bit before your comeback?”
Hoya: ”No!  We attended events, rehearsed, recorded, and received vocal training.  It wasn’t just an empty period.”
Q. “What did you do for Christmas?”
All: “Rehearsal.”
Q.  “Please introduce your album for us.”
Sung Kyu: “Our album title is ‘Evolution‘ and it literally represents our evolution.  Because of that reason, there’s a higher level of personal contribution and participation in the album itself.  I feel that our vocals have matured and our performance style has gotten a bit more impressive.  Dong Woo and Hoya also participated in the rap making.
Can U Smile‘ was originally a song for our debut album, but we re-recorded it to give it a finishing touch, rounding out the album to six songs.  This album is important in that we have! to! succeed! no matter what!”
Q. “Why does your second album need to succeed?”
Sung Kyu: “Our CEO told us sternly that there wouldn’t be a next album for us if this album didn’t succeed.”

“But he can’t be serious
Sung Kyu: “Haha, well of course, but we do have to work hard in order for there to be a next.  If we do well, we can expand into other areas like unit promotions.  There aren’t any detailed plans as of yet, but Woo Hyun could release a ballad solo, and since Hoya and Dong Woo enjoy hip hop, they might promote in that area on their own as well.
Actually, it’s not an issue of the company supporting us, but us just wanting there to be no regrets, since we don’t want to be disappointed with lackluster results.”
Woo Hyun:  “We had high expectations for our first album, but none of them were met, which is why we prepared extra hard for our second album.  We are expecting a bit more this time around and are of the mindset that if it doesn’t work this time, it really won’t work ever!”

Q.  “INFINITE’s music is both trendy, but reflects the feel of ’90s pop.  Even though your current music is great, do you ever want to pursue a different musical style?”
Sung Kyu: ”I like R&B, but my personal tastes and favorite genres can’t always fit with the group’s music.  I think the dance music we’re doing now is fun.”
Q. “Do you have any tips in perfecting the choreography point from ‘Before the Dawn‘ – the scorpion dance?”
Woo Hyun: “You have to do the scorpion pose..”
Hoya: “I first taught Sung Kyu-hyung the scorpion dance and he didn’t think he could do it.”
Sung Kyu: “At the time, our CEO was watching and he immediately said, ‘Looks like we can’t do this dance because of Sung Kyu‘!  Though it really hurt my pride, I had no choice but to agree because our group was really on the verge of not being able to perform it because of me.
Hoya then told me that I could do it, that what I was doing was right, and asked me to try more confidently.  I rehearsed like that and finally got it.  I realized that it’s important to believe in myself and know that I can do something.”
Hoya: “Honestly, anyone can do it once they’re taught it, it’s just all about keeping a straight, calm face once you pull it off.  After we do the scorpion point, we all go into our own freestyles.”
Q.  “What do you think about while doing your freestyles?”
Dong Woo: “Ah, freedom~”
Sung Jong: “This is my world~”
Sung Kyu: “Members like Hoya and Dong Woo, who are both great at dancing, get all excited during the freestyle.. but I just walk far away and eye around a bit before returning back to my position.  I have to go straight into a high note right after the free style, so I try to catch my breath in the back.”
Dong Woo: “Hahaha, we’re all standing on the same stage but are thinking different things.”
Q. “Dong Woo has red hair, and Sung Jong is blonde.  How were your hair colors decided?”
Sung Jong: “Our CEO originally wanted to dye my hair blue after we ended our ‘She’s Back‘ promotions, but he liked my current hair color and just kept it.”

Dong Woo:
“I was also originally supposed to go with a wine color, then cherry, then tomato, but just went with a bright red.  My eyebrows were also dyed accordingly in pink, yellow, red, and purple.  Sometimes even my eyeliner would change between blue and green.”
Sung Yeol: ”Together, we’re the start and end of the sunrise and sunset.  I really wanted to dye my hair too and begged, but they wouldn’t let me…”
Q.  “If you could dye it, what color would you choose?”
Sung Yeol: “Something really unique, like green!”

Q. ”We heard that you’re preparing for your Japanese showcase.”
Woo Hyun: “It’s scheduled for April, and I feel that it will be extremely meaningful in that it’ll be our first international showcase. On top of that, none of us except for Hoya have visited Japan.”
L: “I have a fantasy about Japan.”
Q.  “…What kind of fantasy?”
L: “Haha… why are you looking at me like that?  I just meant that I heard they have a good performance and sound system, and that they do camera rehearsals a day in advance.  Hopefully we’ll be able to show a better stage through that.”
Q. “Is there a member who’s participating in the swimming segment of MBC’s ‘Idol Championships’?”
Sung Yeol: “I used to be a part of the YMCA youth swim team, so I decided to go in the 50m freestyle.  But honestly, even 25m is hard for me.  I thought my heart was going to burst by the time I got up to 25m when I was practicing.”

“The biggest variety appearance was when Sung Jong danced on top of a table on MBC’s ‘Quiz That Changes the World.’  What did you think while you were performing?”
Sung Jong:“Ha… this is my world.”
Q. “You weren’t nervous?”
Sung Jong: “Not at all.  I wanted to do more, but I thought people wouldn’t like it, so I held back.”
Sung Kyu: “Our CEO once banned Sung Jong from performing girl group dances because he was afraid people would think negatively of it.  He sternly told him, ‘If you dance that one more time, watch out.‘  But now that he had nothing to do on variety programs, he lifted the ban.  I was shocked at first too whenever he performed them, but now I’m pretty much used to it.”
Q. “Sung Jong has a lot of aegyo and has an endearing tone.  It seems like he’d be above his hyungs.  As the maknae, what do you think of your hyungs?”
Sung Jong: ”Sometimes I respect-”
Sung Yeol: “Wait!  He’s lying!  We’re usually pretty shy so even at the ‘Idol Championships,’ we were mainly hanging out amongst ourselves… but Sung Jong went to go play with other singers.  So we tried to fit in but he was like, ‘Hyungs, what’re you doing?  You were sitting over there by yourselves, weren’t you?‘  Well, it’s not like he was wrong, but…”
Woo Hyun: “He even said, ‘If you have nothing to do, just follow me.’  Haha.”
Sung Jong: “No, I was just curious about what everyone else was doing (laughter).  Anyway, I sometimes respect the hyungs, and I like how they always take care of me.  But sometimes, I’m more mature than they are.  Maybe once in a few months I am.”
Q. “It seems he grew up with a lot of love, seeing as how he’s so confident with himself.”
Sung Kyu: “One time, during our trainee days, I once told him, ‘You’re really pretty, you know.‘  He replied back in a serious tone, ‘Hyung, it’s difficult to find people like me these days.’”
Hoya: “He’s right, I was watching a music program with him one day and he said he was prettier than all the girl groups.”
Sung Kyu: “But it’s only cute because Sung Jong does it.  Imagine if a kid like Hoya said something like that… that’d be so scary.”
Q. “If you were to go on ‘We Got Married,’ do you have anyone in particular you’d like to be partners with?”
Woo Hyun:Orange Caramel.  Since they have three members, they can be paired with Hoya, me, and Sung Jong.”
Q. “If you were to feature in another variety program, what concept would you like?”
Hoya: “Something like MBC’s ‘Idol Army.’  This is not because I want to work with girl groups, but because I want for us to feature in something weekly and also showcase talents like dancing, singing, and games.  But I’d rather not have the recording take place in our dorms, that’d be a bit difficult.”
Q. “Do you still live in the second floor dorm?”
Sung Yeol: “Yes, our CEO said they’d move us if we got on ‘Music Bank‘’s top 10.”
Q. ”What rank were you last week?”
Sung Yeol: “21st.”
Q. “What do you want in your new apartment?”
Sung Yeol: “About three to four toilets.  We’re desperate.  Having seven members use only one is so uncomfortable.”
Q. “How are rooms divided?”
Dong Woo: “Much to our joy, the manager-hyungs moved downstairs a while ago.  So now it’s me and L, Woo Hyun and Sung Kyu, and Hoya, Sung Yeol, and Sung Jong in one.”
Q. “Last year, the ‘Day of an Idol‘ video that Sung Yeol recorded earned much attention.  Why was it shot and why is Sung Yeol the only character in it?”

Sung Yeol:“We parodied a popular video and wanted to create a headline for ourselves.”
Woo Hyun:“Sung Yeol has the most childish image.  If Sung Kyu-hyung did it, it would’ve turned out to be like a documentary.”
Sung Kyu:“If I had done it with my facial expression, the video would’ve probably hit the news with the headline ‘The severe reality of idol lives‘ or ‘Do idols really live like this?‘  It fit Sung Yeol the best.”
Q.  “Did you ever feel like you had succeeded since your debut?”
Sung Kyu: “Never.”
Woo Hyun:“We’re still under this pressing urge to do better so there’s no opportunity to feel anything like that.”
Hoya: “I went down to my hometown in Changwon last Chuseok and walked around in a busy mall for hours, but only six people recognized me.  They were our fans, though.”
Sung Yeol: “I went to a make-up store and no one recognized me.  I was kind of anticipating someone to, but they were all just doing their own thing…”
L: “Sometimes people ask if we’re celebrities when we’re wearing our stage outfits.  But then we’d tell them our name, and they’d be like, ‘Never heard of that…”
Woo Hyun: “When this album promotion ends, I want to be able to walk around and hear at least, ‘Oh, isn’t that INFINITE?‘ from people around us.”

Source + Photos: 10asia via Daum

Sunday, January 30, 2011

SMEntertainment to debut new Boy Group this March or April

Kind of hesitant to post this due to the fact that NOTHING is confirmed, but its causing quite the stir, so having said that...just passing on the info.
Supposedly one of the boys is a friend of Taemins, interesting...

[INFO] SM Entertainment To Debut “M1″ in March?

SM Entertainment has announced that a new boy band named “M1″ will be debuting in March or April 2011. When fans heard this news, they immediately connected the name to the “female Girls’ Generation” that SM had been preparing.

The nine-member boy band had been dubbed “So Nyun Chun Ji,” or “Boys’ Land.” The rumored members of SNCJ include Jino, who already debuted through SM the Ballad. Others include:

Yoo Chiwon, who is rumored to have vocal talent matching Xiah Junsu,

Ryu Chao, a Chinese member,

Kim Jongin, SHINee Taemin’s friend,

Han Kyuwan (23), an internet ulzzang who failed to make either SS501 or Battle,

and Kim Munkyu (18), the trainee Lee Sooman likes the most.

However, SNCJ already have a lot of antis even before they have debuted. The boys had been brought to TVXQ’s Mirotic concert and had sat playing on their Nintendo DS in the VIP seats, to many Cassiopeian’s anger. They have also said on their Cyworlds that TVXQ, Super Junior, and SHINee were guinea pigs for their debut and that they could not debut because the three groups had not broken up. Some members have even cursed on TVXQ songs “Don’t Say Goodbye” and “Love in the Ice.”

Although these comments surfaced on the boys Cyworld and have since been deleted, posts about them on Korean community sites are still negative. Netizens have continuously blogged about the trainees because of their past comments.

Unfortunately, as the original Cyworld comments have been deleted, we are unable to link directly to the comments. However, we have included numerous blogs that have been commenting on these trainees since their comments.

What do you think about this new group? Are you willing to overlook their past comments?
Source: Source:Daily Kpop News

Jonghyun makes a public appearence!!! Heeeesss baaaacck!

Credit where due.
Obviously from some interview, all I could find was this pic, but who cares!!! Jonghyun is back!!!!!
He looks great despite still having a bandaged foot.

Return of the King means Triple Crowning- Blip Ping and Stay!

Okies, so I found my sense again and all is well in the land of My Music Radar!
On to important matters, Inkigayo Mutizen is once again dominated by TVXQ, MBLAQ is Staying and my fav blippers and pinggers are here too!
Apparently Return of the King means Triple Crowning on every show and that they have done!



Infinite-BTD Loving Sung Jong's hair today ^.^

Pinggers Teen Top! What can I say? Such a catchy little tune, and them being so adorable doesn't hurt either.....Supa Luv!

Hope you enjoyed this weeks Inki and that you got to see it, these vids don't last long! ^.^

Okies so I found this macro while roaming the interwebs, apparently I was NOT the only one who lost their senses.........I'm just sayin kekekekeke
Credit where due

My Music Radar! wishes everyone a Super SHINee weekend!

In honor of Super Juniors Super Show 3 this weekends song is a unique remix/mash up, and one of my fav fanvids ever! Lucifer and Bonamana like you have never heard them before!
Enjoy and have a SUPER SHINee weekend! ^.^


Saturday, January 29, 2011

Random and Redundant Weekend Theme!

Why Random and Redundant? Pretty much everything will NOT be related to anything else or is probably something I have shown before but in a different video view or fancam. Can this REALLY be a weekend theme? Sure! Why not? In my little world it works perfectly! kekekekekkke Enjoy!
Okies, lemme just get this outta the way and then I will be better and be able to concentrate......
OH I get it NOW Taemin! You became of age and turned into a s......hmmmmm noppers, not ready to call you that just yet. Apparently it was there right in front of my eyes, but, my eyes refused to see it....Heechuls flirting with Taemin continues....Take THAT Jungmo!!! hehehehehe I'd rather ship that than you, well for now anyway, Hows THAT workin for ya boyo? (oh damn, I've slipped into me Irish, which just goes to show how VERY upset I am >.<) On the other hand....HENRY!!!! squeeeee! REALLY BIG surprise here, is that Chulie didn't actually KISS anyone, since this IS his kissing song....hmmmmm whats up with that? Just some very sexy flirting with Taemin???? Weird....hmmmm Taemin alone in
Singapore with Heechul and Jongmo, now there is a scary wonder he wasn't in the pics when the others came back......oh and Jongmo? Yeah he ain't backin off this time....oh hell no he isn't.....he he he...Aisheeee is an understatement there Chulie ^.~ Sonata of Temptation.......

From the Super Show 3 two weeks ago in Bangkok......Really? Really Really? Shindong in a dress? Ya know....some stuff ya just can't unsee >.< but funny? Omo....No one does girly better than Chulie Lady HeeHee does Poker Face, Brilliant!!! And Shindong and EunHae rock out to Beyonce's Single Ladies. Not to be missed!
SHINee's Lucifer performance from SMTown Live
Taemin!!! Stop that! Just Stop being so HOT, I'm not ready to make nice yet...
Everyone looked so good! Minho...freakin fierce! Key perfection as always, Onew? No words for you baby....speechless Instead of dancing the remix they take to the wires with lazer gloves, really doesn't get much better than this.

110127 Behind Stage SHINee @ Seoul Music Awards and Onew's sangtae makes an appearence! Subbed

The BEST thing about this video? Seeing Junghyun!!!!! ^.^
Worst thing? Jongmo.....why am I suddenly seeing him everywhere?
SHINee 's (샤이니) first ever solo concert [ShowBiz Extra]

Lastly a still from Onew and Minho's photo shoot for W Mag January 2011
Well there you have it friends and fans, Random and Redundant and I hope you enjoyed it. There will probably be updates, there usually be sure to check back before the weekend is over!

Just ignore the rest of this as its pretty much a private conversation between me and Taemin....
Taeminnie rocked my Shinee World to the core yesterday, listen, I know you're growing up, hell, I've watched it happen! If I looked hard enough I could probably pinpoint the day (somewhere late summer early fall last year) but....thats your own little world and really none of my business.  Just promise me you won't get hurt, I have already cried too many tears for Key and really don't want to go through it with you too. Be careful with your heart Baby Boy....please be careful cause I'm so not lovin some of the stuff I'm seeing. Aigooooo....I'm such a sucker for little blonde haired singer boys.....
And here's why......The little blonde singer boy in my life........
 Rayne ready for a show.
Why do singer boys all do that mouth thing????
Okay, I feel a lot better now.......I'll be okay, just need some time to wrap my mind around the situation, still not ready to make nice just yet......I know I'll get there cause I love you too much Taemin to give up on you now Baby Boy....just need a little more process this declaration,especially the one you made today at the Super Show, I'm seeing you loud and clear now! O.o

Speaking of pretty blonde boy singers.....Infinites Sung Jong apparently received an unexpected gift from a fan. And liked it. One of my newest Pinggers.
INFINITE’s ‘Pretty Boy’ Sung Jong receives a unique gift
by VITALSIGN on January 29, 2011 at 9:08 pm

Ever since his debut, INFINITE’s Sung Jong has been teased over his feminine, ‘goddess-like’ looks. It first began with the group’s photoshoot for “License” magazine, where he was immediately hailed as being the ‘prettiest male idol member’ in the industry.

So when you’re a pretty boy idol, what would be the perfect gift from your fan?

Hilariously, Sung Jong revealed that once received a doll as a gift, in honor of his looks.

In an interview with Osen, Sung Jong was asked to name his most memorable fan gift, and with a laugh, he replied, “I received a doll a while ago… You could dress it up and even put makeup on it…”

Turning to the other members, the reporter then asked whether they thought Sung Jong was beautiful as well, leading them to unanimously shout, “He only looks like a man to us!”

Source + Photos: Osen via Daum

THIS JUST IN! Super's Junior's Super Show 3 in Singapore Updates to follow!

THIS! This will bring me out of my 2Min funk.....watching Chulie all up and huggin Teukie!
A really nice fancam of BONAMANA!

Oh come on ELF's!!! I need more! Especially after Heechul posted this pic!
Lady HEEHEE in Singapore!! Button Hair (by. Sun O) on Twitpic
Chulie!!!! squeeeeeeee!!!

Nice fan account from a thread on allkpop.
Fan account Link

MuCore La La La La La Supa Luv.....How You Like That? Before The Dawn Stay and Keep Your Head Down

MuCore with my fav new blippers and pinggers. TVXQ and MBLAQ continue to promote and todays "Something Completely Different" is Seungri's V.V.I.P.
La La La La La How You Like That? I like it VERY much that the long note sounds much better today, the matrix move is pretty good too ^.^

Why? Why? Because Before the Dawn I Listen to My Heartbeats One By One

MBLAQ-Stay awww no cheeky moves from Mir today...

TVXQ-KYHD hmmm they seem extra energized today

And now for "Something Completely Different"
I know next to nothing about Big Bang besides what I see on macro threads, I did read that this is Seungri's first solo release (110103)....having said that, I choose V.V.I.P. for today because this performance has a decidedly Stage Musical feeling which is very close to my own heart due to my many years performing musicals myself. Enjoy and feel free to leave comments! ^.^


All the world's a stage.....Shakespeare

Friday, January 28, 2011




Mubank Before The Dawn Stay and Keep Your Head Down for Supa Luv

TVXQ's triple crowns with this weeks win!
My fav new pinggers are back with Before the Dawn
Stay with MBLAQ
and a new blip with Teen Top, but not for the reasons you might think....
TVXQ-KYHD won but are in Japan still video this week
I always preview videos just to see what might have changed since last week, and today I wound up laughing so hard because....well its just amazing how 1 second...thats right one second can change a video and Mir you dirty boy >.< you did that for me today. Its a good thing I was holding my coffee mug and not drinking it yet for I fear what might have happened to my computer..... Check out this cheeky boy at mark :40....*falls off futon laughing* just thinking about it and if I can find it again, I will also post something he did at the Idol Sports show that had the other idols laughing and running away like they didn't want to know him....oh Mir, so much comic relief this week. Saranghae ^.^
YAY! My fav new pinggers are back! Scorpion Dance!

And now for more comic relief....This group is making quite the splash with the tweenies and I guess I can see why, they are adorable and have some cute dance moves, but Omo they have a long way to go, not surprising since they are rookies. Why are they my newest blippers? I have long been a lover of both techno music and the futuristic look, they have both. But that long note? Yeah......"Please fix that" >.<.
My newest blippers are...Teen Top-Supa Luv

And now for "Something Completely Different"
This is a new corner to MMR,I have had a few complaints about what I don't post, so in an effort to bring you a better MMR I plan to tackle this. I view so many videos for MMR, I MAKE myself listen to at least 60 seconds, even if I can't stand a vid, because well, I know how hard these artists work and I believe they deserve at least that much of my time. This new corner is all about those vids that, not only make it past the 60 second mark, but that also have that "something" that makes me say "Hhmmmmmm"
This weeks "Something Completely Different" is Park Jung Min with Not Alone
(This one is for YOU chingu and you will understand why when you watch, FS and HD if you're not at work ^.~)


Okies friends and fans, I am off to search for that other video of Mir, look forward to an update later today. ^.^
Here you as Mir decides to "Stay" and "Jazz Hands"!!!! in the middle of a race!!!! Onew, Joonie and Seungho all they don't know him 0.0


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fierce SHINee dancing! Mnet Countdown and MBLAQ gets plagiarized

Took some digging but I found a few more SMTown live vids!
The best one so far is of Shinee's fierce dance to RDD remix!
DANCE Taeminnie! Dance!

A nice close up of the ending song, awsome SMTown Family!

Taemin singing Juliette long notes


Mnet Countdown seemed a bit lacking this week......still here is TVXQ and MBLAQ



MBLAQ’s Manager Catches A Singer Plagiarizing “Oh Yeah”
Thursday, January 27, 2011 by Sunny Kim in Celebs, Music

Photo Credit: J.Tune Camp

MBLAQ’s manger recently posted a link on his Twitter account to a YouTube video of Ecuadorian artist Andrea Bucaram, performing “Oh Yeah,” which G.O retweeted with the message, “oh wow, they copied well…”

Fans have been outraged at the blatant plagiarism and have been flocking to Andrea Bucaram’s Facebook page and YouTube channel with hate messages and death threats.

The artist posted an update today saying, “it’s mblaq’s song and the credits are on the cd. the rhythm was altered in order to differentiate them a bit, and the translation is practically the same. i don’t understand all of the attacks and why people are leaving those kinds of comments, a lot of which were written simply to offend others. you should be (now referring to the attackers) more humane and if you wish to criticize, do so to help an artist grow. don’t just say things without thinking/thoughlessly (rough translation, literally say things just to say them). The only thing you end up doing is making yourself look bad, like rude, resented people.”

[Link. + Message translated by]

If what she’s saying is true and that the song is a cover, why doesn’t MBLAQ know? Interesting…

Shades of 4Chan......
Don't mess with Kpop! The netizens will find and destroy you! I'm just sayin.....

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

SMTown Live from Tokyo and pickins are slim...

Some of the best fancams ever come from the SMTown Live shows but apparently they were very strict in Tokyo because pickins sure are slim, hardly enough vids to post.
Enjoy the few I could find.
Start with the ending? Was one of the only ones I could find...sigh...

TVXQ Keep Your Head Down-Lovin KYHD in Japanese!

And lastly Taemins dance

Short vid of Key, glad he is having fun!


And..........thats all I got.........*stomps off fuming*

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Rain Makes a Special Appearance at MCM in London

Rain Makes a Special Appearance at MCM in London
by sarahsusiepak on January 25, 2011 at 8:19 pm

Earlier today, Rain made a special appearance at the MCM store in London England, where he shook hands with crowds of fans. If you were willing to pay enough money to purchase a leather Stark backpack where the cheapest one starts at £365*, he signed autographs on your purchases which included a photo with Rain himself.

This isn’t the first time that the singer has made a special appearance for MCM. Last year, Rain/Bi was at the MCM store grand opening at the Lotte Department Store in Seoul.

For all those who couldn’t make it, here’s a fancam of the event!

Thanks to Reshma for the fancam and picture and everyone else who sent in tips!
*From a very good and reliable source that he signed anything from MCM.

Be sure to check out Cloud USA for more first hand info.
Are you a Cloud yet? If not, Why NOT?
Join us on the Cloud USA Blog and Forum for awesome updates and some of the best EVER Forum mates any where! We can often be found in the Forum chat viewing Rain videos, exchanging ideas and generally having a grand time!
If you love Rain you are sure to love Cloud USA!
Clicky the links!!!!


When it pours! Onew injured at Idol competition and Heechul tweets new pic

Just a short update and whats to come on My Music Radar!
Rain greets fans in London!11!1!!!!!!!! *squeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!*
Okay Heechul tweets a lot, still.....this time its with Teukie!
Hee Chul &amp; Lee Teuk
Black &amp; White
極 � 極
Frie... on Twitpic

Click for bigger pic ^.^
And.........Onew sangtae strikes again >.<. Apparently it was of the real sort this time, he failed to clear a hurdle and fell hitting his knee quite badly and was eventually carried off on a stretcher. Though I have read some just in reports that he danced during the SMTown Live show in Japan so, hopefully it was not too bad. Damn SME....never releases any important info!!!! *grumbles* Video of the fall.
TVXQ releases Japanese version of Keep Your Head Down, in some ways, Japanese suits this song better.

Videos of SMTown live JUST staring to drift in, will post asap!
Will update on Rain's visit with fans in London as soon as possible.
What a day in Kpop!

Heechul and Hongki in Japan new Twitpic ^.^

Click the pic
Hee &amp; Hongstar in SIBUYA on Twitpic
Heechul just posted this pic, he's still not looking too happy, not surprising after his recent twitter lambasting of antis. Hey he's human! And allowed to stick up for himself and SME!

Here are links to Allkpop articles about this news.

MBC Idol Sports day pics and vids

What a chance to see every one interacting and having lots of fun, this is above and beyond what we have come to expect. This is them actually having normal fun! Okay there is the occasional fanservice, but for the most part, they are just having fun. I saw it reported that there was a line drawn and the males wouldn't enter the females territory (and vise versa), but that didn't stop groups from the same company interacting, there was plenty of that!
Taemin carries the opening flag, who elso would be so cute?

Wae wae wae??? Is everyone always manhandling Taemin????
Mir enjoyed watching and Minho crosses his arms and finally had to turn his back on Jongmo and Tae

Onew Tae and Key practice the run, Key so funny running

Onew grabs Tae by the vest...wae?

Of course, Minho HAD to toss the Minnie around a bit ^.^
Minho and Nichk from 2PM
Key....being Diva Key ^.^
SMTown Wins!
Taemin with flowers
Credit TaemTree
Looks like every one had a great time and SMTown won for the second year in a row!
Edit: 1:35AM
Too cute! Taemin and Mir look like twins!

Credit:Menghwa0406 & whitesmok
And no matter what, 2Min is there
Edit:110125 Keep finding great vids and pics!
Seriously competitive Minho wins and his joy includes hugging the Minnie!

Taemin so cute

Monday, January 24, 2011

Shinee's Jonghyun and his Dr's! A new pic.

I have been waiting to hear how Jonghyun is doing recovering from the surgery he had on 110117. Today pops up a picture with his Dr's and he is looking good!
We miss you Jonghyunnie! Fighting! ^.^
Credit where due.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

TVXQ, MBLAQ and my fav blippers INFINITE on Inkigayo Mutizen

NO big surprise I'm sure, that TVXQ wins again on this weeks Inkigayo Mutizen, I'm lovin Joonies outfit this week in Stay and the INFINITE boys have the fan girls screaming for the Scorpion Dance.
Enjoy! ^.^






TVXQ wins and a preview of their appearance on Dream High


Saturday, January 22, 2011

My Music Radar! wishes everyone a SHINee weekend! JoJo

My Music Radar! wishes everyone a SHINee weekend!
For your listening pleasure JoJo
Enjoy! ^.^


Looks like its gonna be a 2MIN weekend...Minho tossing Taeminnie in the air............again............^.^

Once again.....the weekend theme just......presents itself, though really this one has been working itself up (and me) all week.
So......remember when I said Minho was manhandling Taeminnie at the Seoul Music Awards? Here is the video proof! I know this hardly merits a post of its own.....BUT we are talking about 2MIN here fangirls!!! Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!1!!!

Get outta the WAAAaaaaaAAAAaayyy Hongki!!! >.< sheeeesh And who could blame him when she was looking like this!


Another Minho keeps inching closer and closer...


MINHO better watch your girl!


They really couldn't keep their hands off each other....musta been a hot night in the dorm when Minho got back from Thailand.........I'm just sayin...

I just LOVE watching the Minnie pat Minho's chest like that, and how Minho keeps running his hands down Tae's arm. Actually Minho looks kinda impatient to leave, I wonder if Jjong is sleeping on the couch >.<.

Minho really DID stay close...


Final vid....Minho still kept a hand on him

And...a macro for good measure kekekekekeke
Credit where due.

2MIN is real!!!

Many thanks to anjutenshi for making this weekends theme possible ^.^

Had to update the weekend theme, so many new vids and pics coming in.
This beautiful vid shows Minho continuing to mark his territory while chatting and watching over his girl. Ohhh Minnie, who were you trying to talk to there?

Any wonder Minho was so fierce? He came home from 2 days in Thailand to Taeminnie looking like this......
So he did a lot of this........
Credit:Beautiful Days
And this........
And this.......
Credit:Beautiful Days

And to think, all this was in just one night.......

SMTown Love at the GDA 2010...........Every fans dream video

Had enough of the GDA's? I don't think so, though my eyes burn at just the thought of more video (I swear I didn't sleep more than 3 or 4 nights right before the New Year) this video has every moment you wanted to see but didn't. All behind the scenes from SHINee, Super Junior, 2AM and many many more.....these 10 minutes are the best!
Its not subbed, but you really don't need them as Y Star has provided all the circles and arrows to be sure you don't miss a moment! Enjoy like crazy! ^.^

Credit:dpinkninja and Y-Star

TVXQ MBLAQ and INFINITE all continue to promote on MuCore and TVXQ goes Guerilla!

TVXQ MBLAQ and INFINITE all continue to promote on MuCore!
Different show......different outfits.........SCORPION DANCE!



I wonder why MBLAQ is only doing Stay....


These babies have a slight chance of moving up from blips to pingers if they continue like this ^.^

Members :
~Sung Gyu
~MyungSoo (L)
~Sung Yeol
~Ho Won (Hoya)

TVXQ on a Guerilla Date
by GhostWriter on January 22, 2011 at 11:05 am

Three weeks ago, the boys of JYJ froze the streets of Hongdae as they appeared on a Guerilla date on KBS2TV. Now, it was TVXQ’s (Changmin & Yunho) turn as they also shut down the streets of Hongdate on the latest Guerilla date.

Where as JYJ’s date was taken in the day time, this one was taken in the evening and the crowd was just as rowdy. Check it out below!

Tip: mariel


Friday, January 21, 2011

TVXQ wins MuBank again! SHINee wins Popularity Award! MBLAQ and more!

Oh the world of Kpop is quite busy these days, TVXQ continues to dominate with Keep Your Head Down, SHINee wins yet another popularity Award and apparently Kara is back to negotiating their contract and negotiating with their parents.
Infinite has been a blip on my music radar for a short while now, mostly due to some controversy over their "Scorpion Dance" move. I have previewed many videos, including an in-studio practice session and waited until I could be sure, because it really is an awesome sight! I just wanted to make sure it was real, because quite frankly, the first time I saw it, I didn't even believe it was real....after seeing the live version, I must now conclude, that it is a real move, that even still, and no matter how many times I see it, fascinates me.
First up is TVXQ. They continue to dominate and I must admit, despite any bias I might have, are heads and shoulders above and beyond anyone else right now, you might even say......Its the return of the Kings.
TVXQ continues the SMTown tradition of tossing their congratulatory bouquets to their fans, so awesome ^.^

Keep your head down

Credit:kpopbisu MBLAQ.....Stay

Credit:kpopbisu for the boys to gather in a circle and raise one leg like a scorpion about to strike, and then....well watch...its pretty amazing.
BTW...the "Before the Dawn" hook is not too bad either.


SHINee wins Popularity award at the Asian Model Awards Show!
Credit:Osen and Newsen

SHINee wins popularity award at the “2011 Asia Model Awards Ceremony”
by VITALSIGN on January 21, 2011 at 6:03 am

SHINee made an appearance at one of Asia’s biggest modeling events, the “2011 Asia Model Awards Ceremony“.

Held on January 21st at the Seoul Marriott Hotel, models from Korea, China, Japan, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Mongolia each represented their home countries under the slogan, ‘Asia Is One,’ in an effort to improve the modeling industry.

The boys were not only fawned over, but they also won the ‘BBF Popular Singer Award‘!

Congratulations, boys!

Source: Newsen via Nate

Thursday, January 20, 2011

SHINee wins popularity and bonsang award at the 20th High1 Seoul Music Awards

Despite Jonghyun being home recouping after his recent surgery and rumors that Onew was sick while in Thailand, Shinee's performance rocked with a new remix'd music break. Taemin rocked the long note again and appeared to be up to some mischief while accepting their award. No worries though, he was looking particularly lovely, so no big surprise that Minho was feeling rather touchy feely and kinda manhandling the TaeTae again ^.^
There appeared to have been some mic probs in the beginning, SHINee has been plauged with them recently >.<.


The Music break lyrics:
SHINee makes you dance with me

just gonna be with you, baby

whisper of the crazy party

SHINee makes you come with me

just gonna be with you, baby

whisper of the crazy party

Let me tell you this song is the LUCIFER

im never gonna give you up

we are the SHINee SHINee SHINee SHINee

never gonna let you down

Shinee accepts popularity award.
Onew always looks so surprised when Shinee wins, Taemin is up to mischief and Minho grabs and pulls him back from Key.

Shinee accepts bonsang award and talks about Jjong


A few caps.
Credit as tagged and where due.
Credit as tagged and where due.
Taemin looking so lovely, check out the pants, clear at the knees 0.0
Credit as tagged
 Minho keeping an eye on his girl ^.^
Credit as tagged
Not sure what Diva Key is wearing, but, looking fab as always! ^.~
Credit as tagged
Actually all 4 were looking rather lovely, Missing Jjong here, get well soon bb!
Credit as tagged
Sings: just gonna be with you baby, never gonna give you up......never gonna let you down....ahhhhh some days its just soooooo damn GOOD to be a fangirl and shipper, isn't Minho looking rather manly? And surely Taeminnie is looking extra lovely........I'm thinking TaeTae was extra glad to welcome Minho home >.<.

Thought I would tag this in at the end. NICE! Congrates to SHINee again!
[news] SHINee to Receive Award at Asia Model Festival Awards

SHINee will receive an award at the 6th Asia Model Festival Awards to be held at JW Marriot Hotel in Seoul on Jan. 21.

The Asia Model Festival Awards, hosted by Korea Model Association, is a cultural event to discover new models and award outstanding models and stars who contributed to advancing culture and arts through various activities in Asia every year.

The awards was inaugurated in 2006, and Korea, Japan, and China started to participate in 2007, followed by Philippines and Uzbekistan in 2008, Thailand, Mongol, Singapore, Taiwan, and India in 2009. It is now recognized as the only prestigious awards in Asia.

[based on bntnews article]

Trans by jujugal

Edit: 110121
Just found this new video of Taeminnie-ah and had to add it.
His perfection is almost unbelievable @.@

Credit:taemtree & anjutenshi

And one last video that is a must see.....Onew dressing up aaAAaaand...falling down.
Onew sangtae.........always relevant ^.^


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Just In!!! SHINee's Jonghyun has surgery on his injured leg!!!

SM Just released information that Jonghyun had surgery on his leg on the 17th.
New reports are saying he is fine and recovering.

SHINee’s Jonghyun received surgery on his left leg
by VITALSIGN on January 19, 2011 at 10:17 pm

News of SHINee’s Jonghyun receiving surgery on his legs were delayed in being reported to the media.

Jonghyun previously injured his left ankle on October of 2010, after the group was rushed by fans at the Jakarta airport upon their arrival. Although he thought it was okay, further examinations showed that he required surgery.

Jonghyun received surgery on his left leg at a hospital in Seoul on January 17th. Through Star News, a representative of SM Entertainment revealed on the 20th, “Jonghyun received surgery on the 17th, and it concluded safely. He’s currently in good condition.”

Due to his recovery, he will not be performing at the “20th Seoul Music Awards” (scheduled for the 20th), and SHINee will be performing as a four-member group.

Source: Star News via Nate
Now I just need to know one thing.........was SSK there? Or will Key be nursing Jjong back to health......My money is on Key.....^.^

Poor Key, he must have been a wreck!!!
Hopefully now he will heal up properly and be able to join Onew, Minho, Taemin and Key back on stage singing and dancing to our hearts desire.
My Music Radar! Wishes Jonghyun a speedy recovery! Kimchi Fighting!

SMTown and SHINee World.............the last 3 days.............Onew gets some girl action!

OK I came to my senses and I am back in love with Taemin....I mean Key, and here's why ^.^
Awwww look at that face......^.^
LOOK at that outfit! ^.^

While Onew and Minho are in Thailand for SBS's TV Recording, Key was guest DJ'ing on Suju's KISS Radio and looking like he was having so much fun!


Meanwhile in Thailand....Onew was having WAY too much fun dancing to Lucifer, watch for the sangtae, and getting some girl action! DAMN! The man got some dance moves!!! Who knew???

Apparently Minho was getting some girl action too >.<. With Krystal from F(x)

Credit as tagged
And finally Onho back from Thailand at Incheon Airport today.
I wonder what Taemin and Jjong were up to???? ^.~