Saturday, January 29, 2011

MuCore La La La La La Supa Luv.....How You Like That? Before The Dawn Stay and Keep Your Head Down

MuCore with my fav new blippers and pinggers. TVXQ and MBLAQ continue to promote and todays "Something Completely Different" is Seungri's V.V.I.P.
La La La La La How You Like That? I like it VERY much that the long note sounds much better today, the matrix move is pretty good too ^.^

Why? Why? Because Before the Dawn I Listen to My Heartbeats One By One

MBLAQ-Stay awww no cheeky moves from Mir today...

TVXQ-KYHD hmmm they seem extra energized today

And now for "Something Completely Different"
I know next to nothing about Big Bang besides what I see on macro threads, I did read that this is Seungri's first solo release (110103)....having said that, I choose V.V.I.P. for today because this performance has a decidedly Stage Musical feeling which is very close to my own heart due to my many years performing musicals myself. Enjoy and feel free to leave comments! ^.^


All the world's a stage.....Shakespeare

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