Sunday, January 30, 2011

Return of the King means Triple Crowning- Blip Ping and Stay!

Okies, so I found my sense again and all is well in the land of My Music Radar!
On to important matters, Inkigayo Mutizen is once again dominated by TVXQ, MBLAQ is Staying and my fav blippers and pinggers are here too!
Apparently Return of the King means Triple Crowning on every show and that they have done!



Infinite-BTD Loving Sung Jong's hair today ^.^

Pinggers Teen Top! What can I say? Such a catchy little tune, and them being so adorable doesn't hurt either.....Supa Luv!

Hope you enjoyed this weeks Inki and that you got to see it, these vids don't last long! ^.^

Okies so I found this macro while roaming the interwebs, apparently I was NOT the only one who lost their senses.........I'm just sayin kekekekeke
Credit where due

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