Tuesday, January 25, 2011

MBC Idol Sports day pics and vids

What a chance to see every one interacting and having lots of fun, this is above and beyond what we have come to expect. This is them actually having normal fun! Okay there is the occasional fanservice, but for the most part, they are just having fun. I saw it reported that there was a line drawn and the males wouldn't enter the females territory (and vise versa), but that didn't stop groups from the same company interacting, there was plenty of that!
Taemin carries the opening flag, who elso would be so cute?

Wae wae wae??? Is everyone always manhandling Taemin????
Mir enjoyed watching and Minho crosses his arms and finally had to turn his back on Jongmo and Tae

Onew Tae and Key practice the run, Key so funny running

Onew grabs Tae by the vest...wae?

Of course, Minho HAD to toss the Minnie around a bit ^.^
Minho and Nichk from 2PM
Key....being Diva Key ^.^
SMTown Wins!
Taemin with flowers
Credit TaemTree
Looks like every one had a great time and SMTown won for the second year in a row!
Edit: 1:35AM
Too cute! Taemin and Mir look like twins!

Credit:Menghwa0406 & whitesmok
And no matter what, 2Min is there
Edit:110125 Keep finding great vids and pics!
Seriously competitive Minho wins and his joy includes hugging the Minnie!

Taemin so cute

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