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Infinite dreams...of a new dorm and wine colored hair? 10Asia interview reveals the rest of their dreams

Friends and Fans, you all know that here on My Music Radar! I try to really only bring you the best of the best, and looks like my newest pinggers Infinite are fitting that bill nicely. Though they seem to still be under that unfortunate time of "Do well or go home" part of every idols life, they are meeting it with courage and hard work. Having just debuted about 7 months ago, they really are making quite the splash already. Enjoy this interview from allkpop done by 10asia where a lot is revealed about my newest pingger boys ^.^
Guess I am an "Inspirit" now...wonder just how many fanclubs I can join.......
Infinite's Debut song Come Back Again


INFINITE on promotional preparations, “We Got Married” couples, and future goals


Reporters of 10asia met with the seven boys of INFINITE for a fun interview in celebration of their “Before the Dawn” comeback.  Check it out below!
Q. “You had a recording for MBC’s ‘Idol Star Athletics’ yesterday.  How’d you do?”
Sung Jong:  “We failed.  Hoya-hyung could’ve done well but he was eliminated in the preliminaries.”
Hoya: “The person next to me fell, which made me to fall too.”
Sung Jong: “But we still wanted to get screen time, so we stayed behind to support everyone.”
Q.“The recording didn’t finish until early morning.  What’s your schedule like after this interview?”
All: “Rehearsal.”
Q. “Were you able to rest a bit before your comeback?”
Hoya: ”No!  We attended events, rehearsed, recorded, and received vocal training.  It wasn’t just an empty period.”
Q. “What did you do for Christmas?”
All: “Rehearsal.”
Q.  “Please introduce your album for us.”
Sung Kyu: “Our album title is ‘Evolution‘ and it literally represents our evolution.  Because of that reason, there’s a higher level of personal contribution and participation in the album itself.  I feel that our vocals have matured and our performance style has gotten a bit more impressive.  Dong Woo and Hoya also participated in the rap making.
Can U Smile‘ was originally a song for our debut album, but we re-recorded it to give it a finishing touch, rounding out the album to six songs.  This album is important in that we have! to! succeed! no matter what!”
Q. “Why does your second album need to succeed?”
Sung Kyu: “Our CEO told us sternly that there wouldn’t be a next album for us if this album didn’t succeed.”

“But he can’t be serious
Sung Kyu: “Haha, well of course, but we do have to work hard in order for there to be a next.  If we do well, we can expand into other areas like unit promotions.  There aren’t any detailed plans as of yet, but Woo Hyun could release a ballad solo, and since Hoya and Dong Woo enjoy hip hop, they might promote in that area on their own as well.
Actually, it’s not an issue of the company supporting us, but us just wanting there to be no regrets, since we don’t want to be disappointed with lackluster results.”
Woo Hyun:  “We had high expectations for our first album, but none of them were met, which is why we prepared extra hard for our second album.  We are expecting a bit more this time around and are of the mindset that if it doesn’t work this time, it really won’t work ever!”

Q.  “INFINITE’s music is both trendy, but reflects the feel of ’90s pop.  Even though your current music is great, do you ever want to pursue a different musical style?”
Sung Kyu: ”I like R&B, but my personal tastes and favorite genres can’t always fit with the group’s music.  I think the dance music we’re doing now is fun.”
Q. “Do you have any tips in perfecting the choreography point from ‘Before the Dawn‘ – the scorpion dance?”
Woo Hyun: “You have to do the scorpion pose..”
Hoya: “I first taught Sung Kyu-hyung the scorpion dance and he didn’t think he could do it.”
Sung Kyu: “At the time, our CEO was watching and he immediately said, ‘Looks like we can’t do this dance because of Sung Kyu‘!  Though it really hurt my pride, I had no choice but to agree because our group was really on the verge of not being able to perform it because of me.
Hoya then told me that I could do it, that what I was doing was right, and asked me to try more confidently.  I rehearsed like that and finally got it.  I realized that it’s important to believe in myself and know that I can do something.”
Hoya: “Honestly, anyone can do it once they’re taught it, it’s just all about keeping a straight, calm face once you pull it off.  After we do the scorpion point, we all go into our own freestyles.”
Q.  “What do you think about while doing your freestyles?”
Dong Woo: “Ah, freedom~”
Sung Jong: “This is my world~”
Sung Kyu: “Members like Hoya and Dong Woo, who are both great at dancing, get all excited during the freestyle.. but I just walk far away and eye around a bit before returning back to my position.  I have to go straight into a high note right after the free style, so I try to catch my breath in the back.”
Dong Woo: “Hahaha, we’re all standing on the same stage but are thinking different things.”
Q. “Dong Woo has red hair, and Sung Jong is blonde.  How were your hair colors decided?”
Sung Jong: “Our CEO originally wanted to dye my hair blue after we ended our ‘She’s Back‘ promotions, but he liked my current hair color and just kept it.”

Dong Woo:
“I was also originally supposed to go with a wine color, then cherry, then tomato, but just went with a bright red.  My eyebrows were also dyed accordingly in pink, yellow, red, and purple.  Sometimes even my eyeliner would change between blue and green.”
Sung Yeol: ”Together, we’re the start and end of the sunrise and sunset.  I really wanted to dye my hair too and begged, but they wouldn’t let me…”
Q.  “If you could dye it, what color would you choose?”
Sung Yeol: “Something really unique, like green!”

Q. ”We heard that you’re preparing for your Japanese showcase.”
Woo Hyun: “It’s scheduled for April, and I feel that it will be extremely meaningful in that it’ll be our first international showcase. On top of that, none of us except for Hoya have visited Japan.”
L: “I have a fantasy about Japan.”
Q.  “…What kind of fantasy?”
L: “Haha… why are you looking at me like that?  I just meant that I heard they have a good performance and sound system, and that they do camera rehearsals a day in advance.  Hopefully we’ll be able to show a better stage through that.”
Q. “Is there a member who’s participating in the swimming segment of MBC’s ‘Idol Championships’?”
Sung Yeol: “I used to be a part of the YMCA youth swim team, so I decided to go in the 50m freestyle.  But honestly, even 25m is hard for me.  I thought my heart was going to burst by the time I got up to 25m when I was practicing.”

“The biggest variety appearance was when Sung Jong danced on top of a table on MBC’s ‘Quiz That Changes the World.’  What did you think while you were performing?”
Sung Jong:“Ha… this is my world.”
Q. “You weren’t nervous?”
Sung Jong: “Not at all.  I wanted to do more, but I thought people wouldn’t like it, so I held back.”
Sung Kyu: “Our CEO once banned Sung Jong from performing girl group dances because he was afraid people would think negatively of it.  He sternly told him, ‘If you dance that one more time, watch out.‘  But now that he had nothing to do on variety programs, he lifted the ban.  I was shocked at first too whenever he performed them, but now I’m pretty much used to it.”
Q. “Sung Jong has a lot of aegyo and has an endearing tone.  It seems like he’d be above his hyungs.  As the maknae, what do you think of your hyungs?”
Sung Jong: ”Sometimes I respect-”
Sung Yeol: “Wait!  He’s lying!  We’re usually pretty shy so even at the ‘Idol Championships,’ we were mainly hanging out amongst ourselves… but Sung Jong went to go play with other singers.  So we tried to fit in but he was like, ‘Hyungs, what’re you doing?  You were sitting over there by yourselves, weren’t you?‘  Well, it’s not like he was wrong, but…”
Woo Hyun: “He even said, ‘If you have nothing to do, just follow me.’  Haha.”
Sung Jong: “No, I was just curious about what everyone else was doing (laughter).  Anyway, I sometimes respect the hyungs, and I like how they always take care of me.  But sometimes, I’m more mature than they are.  Maybe once in a few months I am.”
Q. “It seems he grew up with a lot of love, seeing as how he’s so confident with himself.”
Sung Kyu: “One time, during our trainee days, I once told him, ‘You’re really pretty, you know.‘  He replied back in a serious tone, ‘Hyung, it’s difficult to find people like me these days.’”
Hoya: “He’s right, I was watching a music program with him one day and he said he was prettier than all the girl groups.”
Sung Kyu: “But it’s only cute because Sung Jong does it.  Imagine if a kid like Hoya said something like that… that’d be so scary.”
Q. “If you were to go on ‘We Got Married,’ do you have anyone in particular you’d like to be partners with?”
Woo Hyun:Orange Caramel.  Since they have three members, they can be paired with Hoya, me, and Sung Jong.”
Q. “If you were to feature in another variety program, what concept would you like?”
Hoya: “Something like MBC’s ‘Idol Army.’  This is not because I want to work with girl groups, but because I want for us to feature in something weekly and also showcase talents like dancing, singing, and games.  But I’d rather not have the recording take place in our dorms, that’d be a bit difficult.”
Q. “Do you still live in the second floor dorm?”
Sung Yeol: “Yes, our CEO said they’d move us if we got on ‘Music Bank‘’s top 10.”
Q. ”What rank were you last week?”
Sung Yeol: “21st.”
Q. “What do you want in your new apartment?”
Sung Yeol: “About three to four toilets.  We’re desperate.  Having seven members use only one is so uncomfortable.”
Q. “How are rooms divided?”
Dong Woo: “Much to our joy, the manager-hyungs moved downstairs a while ago.  So now it’s me and L, Woo Hyun and Sung Kyu, and Hoya, Sung Yeol, and Sung Jong in one.”
Q. “Last year, the ‘Day of an Idol‘ video that Sung Yeol recorded earned much attention.  Why was it shot and why is Sung Yeol the only character in it?”

Sung Yeol:“We parodied a popular video and wanted to create a headline for ourselves.”
Woo Hyun:“Sung Yeol has the most childish image.  If Sung Kyu-hyung did it, it would’ve turned out to be like a documentary.”
Sung Kyu:“If I had done it with my facial expression, the video would’ve probably hit the news with the headline ‘The severe reality of idol lives‘ or ‘Do idols really live like this?‘  It fit Sung Yeol the best.”
Q.  “Did you ever feel like you had succeeded since your debut?”
Sung Kyu: “Never.”
Woo Hyun:“We’re still under this pressing urge to do better so there’s no opportunity to feel anything like that.”
Hoya: “I went down to my hometown in Changwon last Chuseok and walked around in a busy mall for hours, but only six people recognized me.  They were our fans, though.”
Sung Yeol: “I went to a make-up store and no one recognized me.  I was kind of anticipating someone to, but they were all just doing their own thing…”
L: “Sometimes people ask if we’re celebrities when we’re wearing our stage outfits.  But then we’d tell them our name, and they’d be like, ‘Never heard of that…”
Woo Hyun: “When this album promotion ends, I want to be able to walk around and hear at least, ‘Oh, isn’t that INFINITE?‘ from people around us.”

Source + Photos: 10asia via Daum

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