Thursday, January 6, 2011

SME Investigates possible plagiarism of SHINee's Lucifer

Oh I am loath to report stories like these, however, I can't always report only the sweet and lovely. I actually heard about this during my earlier daily rounds and read an extensive thread on the allkpop forum. I didn't like it then either.
A Serbian singer called Jelena Karleusa released a song called Muškarac koji mrzi gene and the netizens pounced on it like hungry tigers.
SM Entertainment responded to the controversy by initiating a joint copyright violation investigation with the U.S publisher on the 6th.
The company chose to open a joint investigation with the U.S publisher because “Lucifer” was a U.S and Korean composition. Source: Mtv-K

I listened to it and quite frankly though it sounds almost note for note like Lucifer in parts, I thought it sounded much more like the "Not yet Lucifer" demo I posted a few weeks ago. Posting it all up for comparison.
My job is done here.

Hmmmm I see since my earlier in the day views, someone has added "demo" and what looks like the word "test" to the video. hmmmmmm >.>


Here is the Demo of Lucifer I posted several weeks ago.


Mtv-K post

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