Saturday, January 8, 2011

TVXQ Keep Your Head Down.....

Oh, I was sooOoo not ready to write this yet, there is so much drama (can't we all just get along? >.<) swirling around with, well, pretty much everyone right now and I so really hate drama. I was making my last rounds to make sure nothing earth shattering was going on, and I came across the Music Core video for Keep Your Head Down and really just had to listen again. This song is right up my alley, it has everything I love in a song, an almost primitive beat, strong lyrics, strong singing and some pretty knock my socks off dance moves. TVXQ has been pinging along on my radar, but I really didn't want to get involved, the music drew me in again and again, and I couldn't resist any longer. Me? I'm gonna let everyone else fight it out, and I am just gonna enjoy the hell outta this song.
TVXQ? I suggest you do the same and keep YOUR heads down. Enjoy! ^.^
My Music Radar! rating: 4 pings.
Here is the recently released MV


The Music Core Live performance


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