Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fierce SHINee dancing! Mnet Countdown and MBLAQ gets plagiarized

Took some digging but I found a few more SMTown live vids!
The best one so far is of Shinee's fierce dance to RDD remix!
DANCE Taeminnie! Dance!

A nice close up of the ending song, awsome SMTown Family!

Taemin singing Juliette long notes


Mnet Countdown seemed a bit lacking this week......still here is TVXQ and MBLAQ



MBLAQ’s Manager Catches A Singer Plagiarizing “Oh Yeah”
Thursday, January 27, 2011 by Sunny Kim in Celebs, Music

Photo Credit: J.Tune Camp

MBLAQ’s manger recently posted a link on his Twitter account to a YouTube video of Ecuadorian artist Andrea Bucaram, performing “Oh Yeah,” which G.O retweeted with the message, “oh wow, they copied well…”

Fans have been outraged at the blatant plagiarism and have been flocking to Andrea Bucaram’s Facebook page and YouTube channel with hate messages and death threats.

The artist posted an update today saying, “it’s mblaq’s song and the credits are on the cd. the rhythm was altered in order to differentiate them a bit, and the translation is practically the same. i don’t understand all of the attacks and why people are leaving those kinds of comments, a lot of which were written simply to offend others. you should be (now referring to the attackers) more humane and if you wish to criticize, do so to help an artist grow. don’t just say things without thinking/thoughlessly (rough translation, literally say things just to say them). The only thing you end up doing is making yourself look bad, like rude, resented people.”

[Link. + Message translated by]

If what she’s saying is true and that the song is a cover, why doesn’t MBLAQ know? Interesting…

Shades of 4Chan......
Don't mess with Kpop! The netizens will find and destroy you! I'm just sayin.....

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