Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Music Radar! Presents: From the World of Random, Unorthodox Humor

Okies fellow fans, most of you know that my interweb wanderings reach far and wide. Occasionally I run across a video that I really feel I must share with you and this one I found today is one of them. Maybe I should have titled this...another Hallyu wave lapping at our shores (most of you will remember the review I did recently of the High Schoolers from Washington State who were my first Hallyu lappers). In any case, it doesn't really matter how, but THAT it is happening, and its cropping up more and more in my wanderings. I now present you with this video of 4 guys who really did put some work into Super Junior's Boom Boom, one of my all time favs btw.
Be sure not to miss the commentary......its truly half the fun!
Dive right in and enjoy the wave! ^.^

My Music Radar awards 4 out of 5 pings for extreme effort, awesome editing and the fact that these guys look like they are having fun!

I decided to post up the commentary for you here, but, if you do like this video like I did, please take the time to go to YouTube and leave them a little comment ^.^

We moved to Seoul to gain experience in Korean culture. We attended some of the world's greatest dance schools to improve our hip moves. We learned Korean from a homeless man in San Fransisco. We trained with Lin Yu Chun, the legendary Taiwanese karaoke singer. What for, might you ask? To shake the cages of musical society and break the norms of korean pop bands? To prove to the world that three male caucasions, one male asian, and one camera could shatter the lens that has been crafted over the eye of the average citizen? To end world hunger and eliminate all threats from outer space? No. We just wanted to make a cool video that you would enjoy. Don't forget to comment!

Edit:The fact that they thank Shinee for introducing them to Kpop of course endears them all the more ^.^

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