Sunday, January 2, 2011

The last day of Shinee World Concert! Everyone was smiling.......laughing!

Oh there were tears.....of the usual kind, they wouldn't be Shinee without them, but mostly, there were tears of happiness. Like how I laughed so hard for Onews sangtae....always relevant... during the press conference between shows. And then there is the vid of Taemin running around on stage spraying everyone with water until the backup dancers cornered him, and drenched him...sopping can she he still look so BEAUTIFUL? How is that possible? I don't know, but some how, Taemin managed it. Enjoy these videos from day 2.
Saranghae Shinee, you have arrived. We enjoyed every minute of these shows.
Onew's Sangtae!

Credit:ONEW ME

Taemins solo Romeo and Juliette, oh that voice Taemin! And dancing with abandon!


Onews solo Nessun Dorma, he cries...I wept....I don't know why, I don't even LIKE opera.....still, it was tears of happiness. He has the fangirls screaming! ^.^


Its the boys running around like crazy and Taemin looking beautiful and wet.


And because its A-Yo weekend here on My Music Radar, this short clip of Onew during A-Yo performance. So cute!


Jonghyun DJ's! Omo that tongue....seriously >.<. This is actually from the 1st night in Seoul, but hey, it takes a while for some of these vids to get posted lol!

Minho Oh My Gosh! Been waiting for a good vid of Minho's solo, this one does NOT disappoint! He's looking sooooo Super Junior here, his Sunbae's taught him well!


Now for some particularly good stills. These cover all days. Enjoy! ^.^

Only Key could get away with wearing this earpiece and look so fabulous doing it!
From the between shows press conference.

Yoogeun attends the Shinee concert! Of course. I was really happy to see that he was there ^.^
Credit where due.

Credit where due.

Credit where due. Capped by Diva/Erika

Minho so fine....yum ^.^
Jonghyun DJ's

And one last, and because I can't resist this truly magnificent 2Min still.

My Music Radar! thanks all the fancammers who made it possible for those of us who could not attend to view these awesome concerts. We are forever grateful!

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