Friday, January 28, 2011

Mubank Before The Dawn Stay and Keep Your Head Down for Supa Luv

TVXQ's triple crowns with this weeks win!
My fav new pinggers are back with Before the Dawn
Stay with MBLAQ
and a new blip with Teen Top, but not for the reasons you might think....
TVXQ-KYHD won but are in Japan still video this week
I always preview videos just to see what might have changed since last week, and today I wound up laughing so hard because....well its just amazing how 1 second...thats right one second can change a video and Mir you dirty boy >.< you did that for me today. Its a good thing I was holding my coffee mug and not drinking it yet for I fear what might have happened to my computer..... Check out this cheeky boy at mark :40....*falls off futon laughing* just thinking about it and if I can find it again, I will also post something he did at the Idol Sports show that had the other idols laughing and running away like they didn't want to know him....oh Mir, so much comic relief this week. Saranghae ^.^
YAY! My fav new pinggers are back! Scorpion Dance!

And now for more comic relief....This group is making quite the splash with the tweenies and I guess I can see why, they are adorable and have some cute dance moves, but Omo they have a long way to go, not surprising since they are rookies. Why are they my newest blippers? I have long been a lover of both techno music and the futuristic look, they have both. But that long note? Yeah......"Please fix that" >.<.
My newest blippers are...Teen Top-Supa Luv

And now for "Something Completely Different"
This is a new corner to MMR,I have had a few complaints about what I don't post, so in an effort to bring you a better MMR I plan to tackle this. I view so many videos for MMR, I MAKE myself listen to at least 60 seconds, even if I can't stand a vid, because well, I know how hard these artists work and I believe they deserve at least that much of my time. This new corner is all about those vids that, not only make it past the 60 second mark, but that also have that "something" that makes me say "Hhmmmmmm"
This weeks "Something Completely Different" is Park Jung Min with Not Alone
(This one is for YOU chingu and you will understand why when you watch, FS and HD if you're not at work ^.~)


Okies friends and fans, I am off to search for that other video of Mir, look forward to an update later today. ^.^
Here you as Mir decides to "Stay" and "Jazz Hands"!!!! in the middle of a race!!!! Onew, Joonie and Seungho all they don't know him 0.0



  1. Ok firstly! I would NEVER have looked at a vid of Teen Top because I saw them for a second somewhere and hated their outfits. Lol... I know that's so shallow... so sue me! I am so glad u posted this because I really like this song! It's so cute and could be on the radio here right now. They also look like 5 Shinee Keys and 1 dude with long blonde hair so that's also fun.

  2.! Yeah I know a little about that, but they are def adorable and I dunno...they have a style. Indeed they could be on the radio in the USA and probably meet with a lot of success too.