Thursday, January 20, 2011

SHINee wins popularity and bonsang award at the 20th High1 Seoul Music Awards

Despite Jonghyun being home recouping after his recent surgery and rumors that Onew was sick while in Thailand, Shinee's performance rocked with a new remix'd music break. Taemin rocked the long note again and appeared to be up to some mischief while accepting their award. No worries though, he was looking particularly lovely, so no big surprise that Minho was feeling rather touchy feely and kinda manhandling the TaeTae again ^.^
There appeared to have been some mic probs in the beginning, SHINee has been plauged with them recently >.<.


The Music break lyrics:
SHINee makes you dance with me

just gonna be with you, baby

whisper of the crazy party

SHINee makes you come with me

just gonna be with you, baby

whisper of the crazy party

Let me tell you this song is the LUCIFER

im never gonna give you up

we are the SHINee SHINee SHINee SHINee

never gonna let you down

Shinee accepts popularity award.
Onew always looks so surprised when Shinee wins, Taemin is up to mischief and Minho grabs and pulls him back from Key.

Shinee accepts bonsang award and talks about Jjong


A few caps.
Credit as tagged and where due.
Credit as tagged and where due.
Taemin looking so lovely, check out the pants, clear at the knees 0.0
Credit as tagged
 Minho keeping an eye on his girl ^.^
Credit as tagged
Not sure what Diva Key is wearing, but, looking fab as always! ^.~
Credit as tagged
Actually all 4 were looking rather lovely, Missing Jjong here, get well soon bb!
Credit as tagged
Sings: just gonna be with you baby, never gonna give you up......never gonna let you down....ahhhhh some days its just soooooo damn GOOD to be a fangirl and shipper, isn't Minho looking rather manly? And surely Taeminnie is looking extra lovely........I'm thinking TaeTae was extra glad to welcome Minho home >.<.

Thought I would tag this in at the end. NICE! Congrates to SHINee again!
[news] SHINee to Receive Award at Asia Model Festival Awards

SHINee will receive an award at the 6th Asia Model Festival Awards to be held at JW Marriot Hotel in Seoul on Jan. 21.

The Asia Model Festival Awards, hosted by Korea Model Association, is a cultural event to discover new models and award outstanding models and stars who contributed to advancing culture and arts through various activities in Asia every year.

The awards was inaugurated in 2006, and Korea, Japan, and China started to participate in 2007, followed by Philippines and Uzbekistan in 2008, Thailand, Mongol, Singapore, Taiwan, and India in 2009. It is now recognized as the only prestigious awards in Asia.

[based on bntnews article]

Trans by jujugal

Edit: 110121
Just found this new video of Taeminnie-ah and had to add it.
His perfection is almost unbelievable @.@

Credit:taemtree & anjutenshi

And one last video that is a must see.....Onew dressing up aaAAaaand...falling down.
Onew sangtae.........always relevant ^.^


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