Tuesday, January 25, 2011

When it Rains...it pours! Onew injured at Idol competition and Heechul tweets new pic

Just a short update and whats to come on My Music Radar!
Rain greets fans in London!11!1!!!!!!!! *squeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!*
Okay Heechul tweets a lot, still.....this time its with Teukie!
Hee Chul & Lee Teuk
Black & White
極 � 極
Frie... on Twitpic

Click for bigger pic ^.^
And.........Onew sangtae strikes again >.<. Apparently it was of the real sort this time, he failed to clear a hurdle and fell hitting his knee quite badly and was eventually carried off on a stretcher. Though I have read some just in reports that he danced during the SMTown Live show in Japan so, hopefully it was not too bad. Damn SME....never releases any important info!!!! *grumbles* Video of the fall.
TVXQ releases Japanese version of Keep Your Head Down, in some ways, Japanese suits this song better.

Videos of SMTown live JUST staring to drift in, will post asap!
Will update on Rain's visit with fans in London as soon as possible.
What a day in Kpop!

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