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Shinee on the move and performing!

Oh I have been neglecting my Shinee boys (bad shawol >.<) but the world of Kpop has been jumping recently Yay! Not to mention there was the need to prepare for all this snow (expecting up to 2 feet as of this post) but here I am trying to catch up. The boys (minus Jonghyun) are off and running again after barely catching their breath from all the year end shows and their Shinee world Concerts and were in Taiwan for the SuperStar show on the 10th. Shinee Lucifer, Jonghyun better watch out Taeminnieah is getting REALLY good at that long note!
Shinee departing to Taiwan

And of course, a few stills for you ^.^
2min on the redcarpet
Shinee arrives in Sydney

Shinee at Korea Australia press conference
Credit where due
And a fan account of Shinee's arrival in Sydney.
[Fan account] SHINee’s arrival at Sydney Airport 110112
This is a little overview of my experience seeing SHINee arrive in Sydney international. I’ll try and keep it as to-the-point as possible! And yes it’s going to be a little Key biased.

Rather than going through all the boring details like that their flight was delayed by over an hour, I’ll get to when I saw them. We snagged a great spot right near the door of exit D. They would be exiting either Exit C or D but we saw most people exiting from D so we stuck around there. Barely any fans did this, as most of them stood between both C & D to be safe, but it turned out to be one of the best decisions we made.

The arrivals exits are a long ramp, one side a wall, the other side are railings where people stand to greet those coming off flights. Before they walked down, all the members stood in a group at the top of the ramp and paused for a while, right in front of us. Taemin was the first I saw. Pulling his hood right over his head, he ran down to the manager (who was wheeling the bags along in the trolly several metres ahead) like a child keeping up with his mum. He looked… scared? Shy? I couldn’t quite tell. I think he might have been a little self conscious? The next one I saw of course, was Key. He was easily distinguishable by his black fedora and well it’s KEY so obviously he would stand out to me. I actually didn’t believe my eyes, I thought I was imagining it. It an extremely bizarre feeling seeing him in real life. He wore black skinny jeans with a black jacket with horizontal rips down the back exposing the yellow and grey (looked like paint splatter print) t-shirt underneath, carrying this same black and yellow bag he wore going to Taiwan the days previous. As I said, not many people stood where we were, and we waved at him and he waved back *0*. I attempted to hold out my gift to Key while calling his name for quite some time, and I’m pretty damn sure he noticed it, but they didn’t seem to want to approach fans at all. They kept their distance, which seemed completely fair as everyone was pretty excited. As they walked down the railings, Onewwas closest to our side, and Minho closest to the wall side and Key right in the middle. Key was sort of smiling and then had this funny expression with his hand hovering over his open mouth like, LOL oh god I did not expect there to be so many fans to be here. It was very cute, and Onew was smiling and speaking to him, I think he must have said something funny as Keyjokingly hit Onew over the back as they walked down. Minho looked pretty chilled and badass with his black wayfarers and cap. He just did his model walk and didn’t speak at all. By now they had reached the end of the ramp and were standing amongst security guards and a couple of policeman.

At this point, they were gathered where the exit split into two sort of ramped walkways which led out into the open space of the airport floor and then of course the doors directly in front. This is when I got a better look at them all, as I stood at the railings about 1m away from them. Neither Onew or Taemin’s complexion wasn’t at it’s best, but they’ve all been working so hard and probably getting little sleep I can understand. Otherwise, gorgeous as we’ve all seen before. Now Taemin - he is so skinny and so small I could pick him up and throw him like a doll. I think I got maybe one glimpse of his face, but like I said he had hood up and head down. He’s absolutely adorable of course, but looked kind of nervous. At this point I honestly felt a little sorry for him, as he only faced the wall, and well - he looked kind of intimidated. Onew was just waiting with the others, looking quite relaxed, then he bent at almost a right angle with his hands dangling by his bag at his feet. He’s quite muscular in person, but overall still quite small, and he had his head down a lot too so it was hard to see his face. Minhodidn’t do much, just stood hands in his pockets looking at out the fans with his beige coat over his arm, picture perfect. He was very relaxed. And now KeyKey is so petite. I was already expecting him to be smaller in person, but to actually see it, it’s so different. He’s tall, but getting a better look in person I could tell we were roughly the same height, he could be a little taller? (I’m 5’ 9”). A lot better looking in person. His skin was perfect, fairly pale, and overall well… I could go on, but he looked insanely good considering he just got off a 10 hour flight. Key continued to wave and smile at us and the rest of the fans, and I noticed he put his arm around Taemin (who was checking his phone I think?) and patted him on the back sympathetically. As you’ve probably realised by now, Jonghyun was not present. We’d already guessed this as his leg is injured and he also didn’t go to Taiwan etc.

They stood in this same point while the security and staff were attempting to organise their exit. They may have also been waiting to get a signal that their card had pulled up? I was too busy keeping my eyes on the boys while filming. Anyway, the fans were pressing in against this area where SHINee stood. Key had his fingers at his mouth looking out at to where the fans were, eyes fixed on one point - I think he was watching them trying to organise their exit? Then he laughed and clapped his hands together at something (my guess, the whole situation, or maybe I’ll find out later) and I was like /dead because it’s really adorable to see him laugh in person. His mannerisms and everything, seeing it in the flesh is pretty special.

Finally, they got the signal to move. Their manager led them through the crowd, and surprise surprise, the fans go wild. They were clambering underneath the railings and crowding around the boys trying to touch them and/or get as close as possible. We used our common sense, being that SHINee don’t appreciate being grabbed at by strangers, so we kept our distance, but kept up with the crowd. They reached their white van waiting for them, and I’m pretty sure Taemin jumped in first(?), then Key, Minho and Onew. To be honest, I could barely see because of the crowds around them. Once they were all inside, Key smiled and waved with both hands to all the fans as they departed. I’m pretty sure they headed straight for their press conference.

And that’s it! I’ll be seeing them live tonight as my genius friend won us both tickets. If cameras are not prohibited, I’ll be able to get some photos/video of their performance. Thanks for reading! I hope it wasn’t too rambly :)
Source/ Credit: kpopstyle@tumblr

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