Saturday, January 22, 2011

TVXQ MBLAQ and INFINITE all continue to promote on MuCore and TVXQ goes Guerilla!

TVXQ MBLAQ and INFINITE all continue to promote on MuCore!
Different show......different outfits.........SCORPION DANCE!



I wonder why MBLAQ is only doing Stay....


These babies have a slight chance of moving up from blips to pingers if they continue like this ^.^

Members :
~Sung Gyu
~MyungSoo (L)
~Sung Yeol
~Ho Won (Hoya)

TVXQ on a Guerilla Date
by GhostWriter on January 22, 2011 at 11:05 am

Three weeks ago, the boys of JYJ froze the streets of Hongdae as they appeared on a Guerilla date on KBS2TV. Now, it was TVXQ’s (Changmin & Yunho) turn as they also shut down the streets of Hongdate on the latest Guerilla date.

Where as JYJ’s date was taken in the day time, this one was taken in the evening and the crowd was just as rowdy. Check it out below!

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