Saturday, January 29, 2011

Random and Redundant Weekend Theme!

Why Random and Redundant? Pretty much everything will NOT be related to anything else or is probably something I have shown before but in a different video view or fancam. Can this REALLY be a weekend theme? Sure! Why not? In my little world it works perfectly! kekekekekkke Enjoy!
Okies, lemme just get this outta the way and then I will be better and be able to concentrate......
OH I get it NOW Taemin! You became of age and turned into a s......hmmmmm noppers, not ready to call you that just yet. Apparently it was there right in front of my eyes, but, my eyes refused to see it....Heechuls flirting with Taemin continues....Take THAT Jungmo!!! hehehehehe I'd rather ship that than you, well for now anyway, Hows THAT workin for ya boyo? (oh damn, I've slipped into me Irish, which just goes to show how VERY upset I am >.<) On the other hand....HENRY!!!! squeeeee! REALLY BIG surprise here, is that Chulie didn't actually KISS anyone, since this IS his kissing song....hmmmmm whats up with that? Just some very sexy flirting with Taemin???? Weird....hmmmm Taemin alone in
Singapore with Heechul and Jongmo, now there is a scary wonder he wasn't in the pics when the others came back......oh and Jongmo? Yeah he ain't backin off this time....oh hell no he isn't.....he he he...Aisheeee is an understatement there Chulie ^.~ Sonata of Temptation.......

From the Super Show 3 two weeks ago in Bangkok......Really? Really Really? Shindong in a dress? Ya know....some stuff ya just can't unsee >.< but funny? Omo....No one does girly better than Chulie Lady HeeHee does Poker Face, Brilliant!!! And Shindong and EunHae rock out to Beyonce's Single Ladies. Not to be missed!
SHINee's Lucifer performance from SMTown Live
Taemin!!! Stop that! Just Stop being so HOT, I'm not ready to make nice yet...
Everyone looked so good! Minho...freakin fierce! Key perfection as always, Onew? No words for you baby....speechless Instead of dancing the remix they take to the wires with lazer gloves, really doesn't get much better than this.

110127 Behind Stage SHINee @ Seoul Music Awards and Onew's sangtae makes an appearence! Subbed

The BEST thing about this video? Seeing Junghyun!!!!! ^.^
Worst thing? Jongmo.....why am I suddenly seeing him everywhere?
SHINee 's (샤이니) first ever solo concert [ShowBiz Extra]

Lastly a still from Onew and Minho's photo shoot for W Mag January 2011
Well there you have it friends and fans, Random and Redundant and I hope you enjoyed it. There will probably be updates, there usually be sure to check back before the weekend is over!

Just ignore the rest of this as its pretty much a private conversation between me and Taemin....
Taeminnie rocked my Shinee World to the core yesterday, listen, I know you're growing up, hell, I've watched it happen! If I looked hard enough I could probably pinpoint the day (somewhere late summer early fall last year) but....thats your own little world and really none of my business.  Just promise me you won't get hurt, I have already cried too many tears for Key and really don't want to go through it with you too. Be careful with your heart Baby Boy....please be careful cause I'm so not lovin some of the stuff I'm seeing. Aigooooo....I'm such a sucker for little blonde haired singer boys.....
And here's why......The little blonde singer boy in my life........
 Rayne ready for a show.
Why do singer boys all do that mouth thing????
Okay, I feel a lot better now.......I'll be okay, just need some time to wrap my mind around the situation, still not ready to make nice just yet......I know I'll get there cause I love you too much Taemin to give up on you now Baby Boy....just need a little more process this declaration,especially the one you made today at the Super Show, I'm seeing you loud and clear now! O.o

Speaking of pretty blonde boy singers.....Infinites Sung Jong apparently received an unexpected gift from a fan. And liked it. One of my newest Pinggers.
INFINITE’s ‘Pretty Boy’ Sung Jong receives a unique gift
by VITALSIGN on January 29, 2011 at 9:08 pm

Ever since his debut, INFINITE’s Sung Jong has been teased over his feminine, ‘goddess-like’ looks. It first began with the group’s photoshoot for “License” magazine, where he was immediately hailed as being the ‘prettiest male idol member’ in the industry.

So when you’re a pretty boy idol, what would be the perfect gift from your fan?

Hilariously, Sung Jong revealed that once received a doll as a gift, in honor of his looks.

In an interview with Osen, Sung Jong was asked to name his most memorable fan gift, and with a laugh, he replied, “I received a doll a while ago… You could dress it up and even put makeup on it…”

Turning to the other members, the reporter then asked whether they thought Sung Jong was beautiful as well, leading them to unanimously shout, “He only looks like a man to us!”

Source + Photos: Osen via Daum

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