Wednesday, January 19, 2011

SMTown and SHINee World.............the last 3 days.............Onew gets some girl action!

OK I came to my senses and I am back in love with Taemin....I mean Key, and here's why ^.^
Awwww look at that face......^.^
LOOK at that outfit! ^.^

While Onew and Minho are in Thailand for SBS's TV Recording, Key was guest DJ'ing on Suju's KISS Radio and looking like he was having so much fun!


Meanwhile in Thailand....Onew was having WAY too much fun dancing to Lucifer, watch for the sangtae, and getting some girl action! DAMN! The man got some dance moves!!! Who knew???

Apparently Minho was getting some girl action too >.<. With Krystal from F(x)

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And finally Onho back from Thailand at Incheon Airport today.
I wonder what Taemin and Jjong were up to???? ^.~

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