Saturday, January 15, 2011

Heechul and was a Sunbae.....dongsae kinda day ^.^

Sometimes weekend themes just.......present themselves to me, this is one of those weekends, where drifting from video to video took on a "color" of its own. So I'm going with it, as I usually do when this happens.*ie: see beautiful boys theme
Drifting from video to video today led me to lots of Heechul and Taemin vids.
I happen to think that Heechul and Taemin are 2 of the most beautiful to come from SME. Of course Super Junior and SHINee are very close and Taemin has often been the object of Heechul's desire, though so far, TaeTae has resisted and Chulie has not really pushed too hard. In case you don't know, Heechul is the kissing fool of SuJu and who can resist Taeminnie? Also there is the story that drifted around the interwebs saying that Taeminnie is Heechul's lovechild........

OH it didnt take Chulie long to go after Tae, in this vid, from SMTown Live 2008, Chulie teases TaeTae and pushes him out onstage to dance his Replay solo dance, along with Shinee and a few other Suju members.


From 2009, fans notice the similarities between Chulie and Taemin.
Enjoy this fanmade video by phoxa22.

In 2010 phoxa22 updated with another Heechul and Taemin video.

Then in September during SMTown Live 2010 Shang Hai Chulie attempted to kiss Taeminnie outright!

Poor Minnie, he looks so lost and confused, but he knew for sure what Chulie wanted. So did the fans....they screamed! Kudos to Chulie for not pushing too hard.

Ahhh but our Chulie is most persistent and continues to tease Taemin unmercifully.
With Shinee as his guest on his radio show Young Street in October 2010, note he calls him Taeminnie and teases him about a mistake he made onstage that day.
Part 1

In Part 2 Heechul briefly lets up on TaeTae to ask Onew a question, however, in the end, we see that it was all just a setup to corner poor Tae once again. Of course being our loveable Taeminnie-ah that fact goes right over his head, but not Keys, who sees it coming and can't help but burst out laughing. Note, Minho doesn't laugh, then does, but ends up kinda glaring at Heechul from afar.

Part3 ahhh the onslaught continues >.< By now, Minho is almost in tears laughing, as Chulie asks Taemin a personal question regarding the big 3 music shows, once again it flies over his head as Chulie teases him about Mnet Countdown (there is bad blood between Mnet and SME...ahhh long story for another time) and Umma Key warns Minnie to choose carefully, however, even after this warning, TaeTae is still clueless. Note, Key jumps in and helps TaeTae when he forgets which Magazine shoot Chulie is referring to......and in the end....since Taemin is soooo not getting it, Chulie just comes right out and says..."Ahhhh when will I corrupt him?" Everyone laughs but Minho covers his face........I wonder why.........kekekekekeke Taeminnie-ah.........Aigooooo
Did you notice that Heechul and Taemin have the same style and color hair again?
And what would the weekend theme be without a few of my fav stills?
Up first is Heechul.
Very pretty Heechul
 Credit where due.
When Chulie cut his hair recently, 
he regretted it and posted this pic on Twitpics
 Heechul with very long hair
 Credit where due.
 More long hair ^.^

 Credit where due.
A pic of Onew from Rock of Ages
Credit as tagged.
Random SME Macro for fun ^.^
Enjoy this weekends was a Sunbae.......dongsae kinda day.................

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