Wednesday, December 14, 2011

MMR! UNDER THE RADAR - Our First Anniversary!

Yay! Its our first Anniversary!
We are so thankful for our friends and fans who visit MMR!
Tara and myself love bringing the joy of music to you all ^.^

To celebrate we would like to bring you under the Radar
with a behind the scenes look at My Music Radar!
As you can see from the staff meeting notes above MMR!
has some fabulous things planned for the future!
We don't always agree during meetings! >.<
Tara :3 hard at work on a post

What my desk top usually looks like.
Soooo many pictures! Sometimes I save 30 pictures before deciding on just a few to use for any one post...thus the need for the 2terabyte drive o.O
Some of the wonderful Kpop things we have done this past year.
We went to NYC to see Bi/Rain and Tara was interviewed by YTN news!
Seen all over Korea!
[Rain (Bi) News][Eng Trans]110426 Rain @ YTN News_Time100 gale party

Uploaded by on Apr 27, 2011
That was our very first time seeing a kpop idol live and in person!
The experience did not disappoint!
 MMR! Tara at MSG for SMTown Live NYC 111023

We went to SMTown Live in NYC! As of right now this has to be
the most awesome trip we have made! We saw the Pink Bus!
If you missed our posts you can read them here:

It's been the most awesome year!
What started out as an inkling of an idea first seen on FaceBook turned into a wonderful, crazy, sometimes "Aigooooo I don't have enough time!" crazy incredibly rewarding dream come true.

We would like to thank all our family, friends, fans and tipsters that make all the craziness so worth while. Here's to another wonderful year in music!
Lots of Musical Love!
Stormy and Tara
 A personal note from Tara :3

Happy Anniversary MMR!
I know I am new to this blog, but I hope we'll be around for many years to come! - Tara :3

In case you didn't know -
Our 'NOT Bio' pages are very popular!
As well as the Pictures and Stuff page^^


  1. Awww, I am a day late! Happy Anniversary MMR! Your blog is FANTASTIC! Please continue the great work! ^^

  2. Thanks Redd!
    We plan on being around a long while ^.~