Saturday, December 31, 2011

Holiday Hook-UP! Let's spend New Years Eve with Onew on 'Night Owl'! Subbed

Oh babies! I have a real goodie here for this Holiday Hook-UP!
Remember 'Night Owl'? That short lived show Onew MC'd last year? was such a good show, but apparently only with international fans as it ended pretty quickly in Korea. Well subbed episodes are just showing up! Yata!
I love everyone on this show, Gil the other half of hip hop group LeeSsang with Gary from 'Running Man' is here as well as 'Family Outing' alum Yoon JongShin. In short some of Korea's best in Variety programing! Onew really shown brightly on this show as he tries out his MC chops and often KO's the other veteran MC's with his fresh skills.
Not to mention he's the prettiest MC there ^.~
Part 1

Part 2 and this pic is all you get as a hint,
oh and the fact they are headed to the bed room! ^.~ (I'm such a shameless TEASE!)

Part 3 Men boys playing games get dirty!
Its all fun and games till someone gets hurt!
HangJoon! Don't live your life like this! 0.0

Part 4 Boys will be boys...BUT Gil will be Gil! Get the anesthesia gun!

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Yaahhh after all that, what an ending, but getting to the end was tough on these men boys!
Happy New Year friends and fans!
Enjoy your Holiday Hook-UP!

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