Saturday, December 17, 2011

Double A on 'Show! K-Music' - SPAM-A-PIC - SPAM-A-VID!

Whats AA been up to? A LOT! Many tweets and lots of shows!
Lets start off with an interview from new channel JTBC show 'Entertainment Exclusive Survival'
This is not subbed but (sigh) not hard to follow, introductions and skill sharing. Kimchi sings, Juwon does an imitation, Hoik is compared to JoKwon and runs, Aoora sings and plays piano and Woosang does a bit of Bi/Rain while talking about his many  choreo achievements.* AA sings the show song! Fun!
111210 AA(Double A) @JTBC Entertainment Exclusive Survival

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111210 AA(Double A) @JTBC Entertainment Exclusive Survival with Seung-Min Woo.

Their first interview and debut stage subbed! **
(Double A Subs) [111108] Mnet Wide Interview BTS

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AA Performance from MBN’s ‘Show! K-Music’111217
Oh much better at the body wave, but.....>.<
Woosang, Aoora and Kimchi flawless and fabulous as always! ^.~
[2011.12.17] Double A (AA) - Because I'm Crazy (Show K-Music)

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AA on 'Neighbors Special Edition of Love' a charity show.
[2011.12.15] Double A (AA) - Because I'm Crazy (착한 나눔 희망 세상)

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* **What you need to know!
*Woosang as backup dancer for TVXQ, holding Yunho's hand.
Woosang has also choreographed for Super Junior.
**AA first debut during 2011 K-Pop Concert with Ha Ji Won, who btw appeared many many (oh I am really gonna date myself now >.<) years ago in Wax's MV 'Oppa'. If any of you have watched the Kdrama Oh! My Lady with Suju's Siwon you might recognize the song. She also appeared in 'Secret Garden' Anyway this has long been a favorite song just because of how cute and fun it is!
WAX - Oppa mv

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From Inkigayo Magazine

Long post is LooOOOOooong! ᄏᄏᄏᄏᄏ
Enjoy! ^.^

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