Thursday, December 8, 2011

December 8th performances from jTBC’s ‘Music On Top’ - TroubleMaker - Infinite - MYNAME - X-5

Okies friends and fans this is a new music program from one of Korea's new cable channels jTBC.
Hosted by B2ST‘s leader Yoon Doojoon and actor Lee Hyun Woo.
 Unfortunately it appears everyone is having a hard time finding videos for todays performances.
Again I will post what I could find and hope this situation gets better!

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Infinite - Be Mine + Paradise

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[HD] 111208 MYNAME - Message @ JTBC MUSIC ON TOP

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Okies I will update if more videos are ever posted.
Anyway enjoy this new show! ^.^

Updated: New Video
[1080p HD] X-5 - Going Crazy + Dangerous : ComeBack Stage @JTBC

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  1. Loving that the stage is so big. Loved Infinite of course!

  2. That's one of the things I noticed too! A lovely BIG stage! Lots of room for dancing!