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[MMR! Commentary] X-5 releases 1st mini-album, ‘Dangerous’ or "How a group can have the best of everything and still fail"

After making their debut earlier this year with “Don’t Put On an Act”, boy group X-5 has returned with their first mini-album, ‘Dangerous‘.
Comprised of four tracks, the mini-album aims to showcase the group’s improved vocals; the boys also hope to cast a wider net for fans this time around with their ‘bad boy’ image.
Though they’ve already begun promotions for their title track, “Dangerous“, Open World Entertainment will soon follow up with the release of their music video, so stay tuned for further updates!
In the meantime, check out their songs below and don’t forget to support the artists by purchasing their album.
X-5 - 02 Dangerous

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Release date:2011.12.09
01 Intro
02 Dangerous
03 미치는 꼴 볼래
04 In Da House
[My Music Radar Commentary]
I enjoy discovering new groups and music in Kpop! Really I do!
And I have been following X-5 since they were introduced on 110427.
I was all excited! Great vocals! Handsome boys!
Open World Entertainment using their average height of 186cm as a selling point was kind of lost on me, though I admit this might be a cultural difference thing.
X-5 debut tract “Don’t Put On An Act“ was produced by hip hop’s big daddy - 'Rhymer'
from 'Brand New Stardom'
Open World Entertainment has revealed that they’ve spent $100,000 USD in producing X-5‘s outfits.
“Outfits and accessories change with every concept, so there’s a bit of a difference in the expenses for each of the concepts. On average, however, one outfit costs about $1,500 to $2,000 USD to produce.”
And who did they get to be X-5's stylist? None other than Kang Bo Eun, who also works for the artists of SM Entertainment. Again the best! Okay so I am SME biased but meh, a good stylist is a good stylist.

Not bad! Right?
So how has it all gone so horrible wrong for X-5?
Let me take a quote from the allkpop article:
the boys also hope to cast a wider net for fans this time around with their ‘bad boy’ image.
Why did they fail so bad at picking up many fans? Especially in the recent Hallyu Wave environment where pretty much anyone can put on costumes, sing in Korean and gather many fans? Not enough exposure? Maybe, though Teen Top is still well known despite being gone for months at a time.
I think the Hallyu Wave has brought a level of sophistication that new groups just can't afford to ignore. Meaning the group needs to be a 'Total Package'.
Like Infinite for instance, Infinite and Teen Top were in a neck and neck race last year that was exhilarating to watch! Of course Infinite is leading by far right now BUT...I haven't lost hope for my Teen Top babies just yet with a comeback slated for next month. However BOTH groups are a 'Total Package'
So where is X-5 so lacking? One word 'Choreography'
Despite a fairly extensive search I was unable to find out just who does their choreography.
Maybe thats the problem? I don't know but have a look at this introductory video from their debut press conference and showcase.
Especially around mark 4:10
110420 X-5 - interview + Fantasy

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X-5 debut showcase
interview+Fantasy [TVDaily]
I remember watching with a friend and saying "what the hell was THAT move?"
Most of it is not TOO bad but thats where it started going bad for me.
Then there were the live performances of their debut song 'Don't put on an act'
110422 X-5 - Don't Put On An Act

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I'm sorry. but thats just awkward, sloppy and sad, they didn't get much better either.
That brings us to the present, where we get the teaser for 'Dangerous'
X-5 _ X-5 Dangerous (Teaser)

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But Stormy! Thats very similar to AA! you say?
Indeed, "similar" being the operative word here, but AA are fabulous divas all,
and can pull it off flawlessly. These boys? Not so much.
Now lets look at the latest promotions of 'Dangerous'
X-5 - Dangerous

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Need I say more?
Epic comments on YouTube call for the choreographer to be fired!
I'd love to suggest that......If only I could find them!

In the end it really makes me sad that a group that could potentially have so much going for it, fails due to 1 major flaw!

Open World Entertainment! You're so close with X-5!
Hire a new choreographer.....I'm just sayin
Stormy ^.^

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